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Atavist Cards Articles

An Affinity

An Affinity Amour being Free Is Loving Kindness non Possession, non jealousy, Culmination “Always look at the Bright side of Life, do do” finally came to an end of that Sankhara for a moment I didn’t recognise you ~ Free Star Brilliant

Rock & Soul in Babylon

Rock & Soul in Babylon Where’s Country Joe & his fish when you need them? “What are we Looking For, What are they fighting For?” “Gimme a P –E – A- C - E In I -R-A- Q & an A- F- G - H - A- N- I- S- T- A –N” You Despotic Empire, Next stop is I - R – A - N...

Endo*Cannabinoid System

Endo*Cannabinoid System Brainwashed about Miraculous Marie Jane. “There is no profit in being a healthy society” Magic Balls, Igm. a day keeps Illness away! Just say ‘No’ to Alcohol ~ gateway to war on drugs! Heroin for your cough dear? Rather have a Psycheactive!...

Emotionally Charged

Emotionally Charged Magical rapport with the audience What was your Co Op shop number? Soaring up in the stratosphere with a high note. Looking for more emotional fulfillment ~ Singing as we go into the depression, like a big black hole. Falling in love with a painter...