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I Want You for Mother Earth

I Want You for Mother Earth

Pure E lucid ~ Earth * Energy * Ecstasy
Every cell is a Process of You
Same Same ~ You are a Cell
Of Mother Earth * Pachimama
She’s Omni Cell of her Universe
You’re a Universe in Yourself ~
Using Crystal energy * to put a thought process in it.
Instant Email to Atlantis’ broadband waves ~
Just a matter of Allowance
“You are what you are”
‘Your thought Power is much more than this Agenda’
Manifesting ~
your Job on the 3rd dimension
Through the Love of your Heart ~
“All the Best to You, All the Best to All the Others”
Darling you became a vision of ‘Unconditional Love’
No Backfiring, Earth quaking in the centre of emotions!
Found the arteries of Synchronicity
You are where you are,
You are who you are!
Not the DOING but the BEING
Now ~ in the Conscious Age