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Cosmic Artbooks Series A: The first seven books:


Love Republica

This is the first photobook in the Cosmic Artcard Collection. Sunny Jetsun’s poems accompanying his abstract expressive, psychedelic, digital, light designs. They need to be explored completely by looking longer into each one and letting them resonate with your intuition to feel their message The narrative throughout the series is one of freedom, Loving consciousness, holistic humanity with nature.

Cosmic Shanti

Cosmic Shanti is a Collection of two sets of Artcards and poems. They are inspired by Love and Consciousness offering rays of light, magical surrealism and visions of humanity living in Peace and harmony with nature respecting all life on Planet Earth. As an Art installation they can be shared freely online throughout the world encouraging our friends and all people in caring is sharing happiness

What is a Revolution?

Politics today is synonymous with power, fear, war, propaganda/psyops, murder, conspiracy, global devastation, neo-imperialism, religious intolerance, racism, terrorism, lies, betrayal, kleptocracy, oligarchy, pseudo democracy, fascism, media/control, toxic environment, poverty, surveillance, mistrust, paranoia, oppression, unconsciousness. Sunny wants to change this mindset to one of natural love.

Kama Sutra Tantra ~ Amusing the daughters of Venus ~ In a Garden of Delights

Sunny’s Kama Tantra, Surreal Erotic Art is seeing happy smiles on their
Relishing Pleasures together in the moment ~ ecstatic bliss on throbbing lips.
Freedom to enjoy or not multi*Orgasms especially when you see Love in their eyes.
Arousing sensual, sexual desires, being Love Consciousness
Do you feel it, realise the reality, alive here now ~
To respect & trust another being in your heart

Cosmic Oceanic

Sunny is sharing psychedelic * magical realism. The Cosmic Art collection offers positive thoughts which also have an effect on the essential stream of human Consciousness ~ The effects of words, images and music on water crystals are well researched by Dr Emoto.

Cosmic Shamanic

What about a good trip?
A Catalyst can point you to your Divine Self-Realisation, to your Illumination and Liberation? There’s more in this drop than they say or want you to know about Mind-controls and human power. Going Into other realms of Tao, synchronicity, meditation, natural transcendence of your Mind/Ego. This embraces and enhances your Cosmic reality with self awareness and consciousness.

Cosmic Organic Orgasmic

What does it mean to be an artist?
“The greatest mistake you make is in thinking that
enjoyment is something unearned, that if you know how
to play the fiddle, well it’s just the same as playing it.
As for the reward, you’re always confusing recognition with reward.
They’re two different things. Even if you don’t get paid for what you do,
you at least have the satisfaction of doing”