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Invasion of Beauty*Flash*The Love Mudras

“Today a young man on acid realised that all matter is merely energy condensed into a slow vibration, that we are all one consciousness experiencing itself subjectively, there is no such thing as death, life is only a dream and we are the imagination of ourselves” Bill Hicks


A mudrā is a spiritual gesture and an energetic seal of authenticity. Mandalas are geometric patterns that represent the Cosmos  metaphysically or symbolically; A microcosm of the  Universe and often exhibit radial balance. Also used to focus attention of adepts, be a spiritual guidance tool, for establishing a sacred space and as an aid in meditation and trance induction.

yantra is a two- or three-dimensional geometric composition. It is considered to represent the abode of the deity. “Yantras function as revelatory symbols of Cosmic truths and as instructional charts of the spiritual aspect of human experience.” Yantras as central focus points are not representations, but are lived, experiential, nondual realities. They are ambivalently resonant in inner*outer synthesis and associated with the subtle body and aspects of human consciousness. (Paraphrased from Wikipedia)


The flower of Life, Metatron, fractals, crystal holograms, sacred geometry, cosmological* esoteric patterns ~ Sunny Jetsun is the honeybee*traveller on a voyage of discovery of life contemplation, pain, blissful ecstasy to be the inner point of Oneself. This book expresses poetry from his heart ~ A journey to the Centre of multi dimensional, naturally spiralling quantum Solar orbiting wheels of Cosmic OmniConsciousness. (Used by David Icke)