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Green Eve *Don’t Lose the Light Vortex* My Brain’s Gone on Holiday ~ Free Flowing Feelings

‘In Lake’ch: Is Mayan for ‘I am another yourself’ A powerful concept embracing the notion that we are all connected through the energy and flow of the Universe * The galactic code of honour is to manifest and demonstrate harmony by whatever means possible. Always playing by the rules of harmony but at the same time respecting the local intelligence. J. Arguelles, The Mayan Factor

‘Judge us not for our weakness but for our Love’

Throughout Sunny Jetsun’s art there is understanding, an equanimity from witnessing the Mind and a joyful Spiritual dynamic which is naturally alive ~ These highest qualities are those described in the ‘Four Sublime States’ by Nyanaponika Thera, Buddhist Publication Society. Kandy.

Using inspiration from the Bhagavad Gita to put into context the psychological, nervous and mental disorders as a ‘relative’ identification of the infinite which we all are. Who is it that can judge another when the ultimate realization is that we are all spiritual and the material idiosyncrasies existing for all of us are always changing but we become attached to their identification, we are in the cycle of cause and effect. The lists of illnesses indicates: ‘There go I but for the grace of God’ Through empathy not judgment we can transcend these Forms, conditions, created by our ego-minds and live in more natural harmony; a life of equality in tune with mother nature, protecting and respecting each life form, each Cosmic Hologram, each crystal fractal, not to exploit and reject them for our ego’s indulgence and aggrandizement.

The Bhagavad Gita’s Inspiration is to Realise Transcendental states ~ The essential is to Know the difference between the Material Manifestation
which is always changing and the Eternal Spiritual entity. Enabling us to let go of the concepts of desire and loss, dualities formed by the workings of our mind. This is the nature of the mind and it is a limited, mental-movement paradigm which cannot know, sense, be aware of the intrinsic energetic Space beyond form.

The journey is to have No reactions to mental activities we just observe Mind. Ultimately we ‘do not mourn for what is not worthy of grief”,
the illusory, impermanent ego-self. “Those who are wise lament neither for the living nor the dead”
This is also experienced in Vipassana Meditation, Life is dhamma and it’s for each of us to be happy
here & now, with our imperfections put into a Universal, holistic, supreme context.
Being free of any identity, conditionality, disability, the Ego programs of our own Mind; ultimately let it all go ~ flow.
Sunny Jetsun is using this profound insight of the Bhagavad Gita to show that disorders are only a relative part of materialist nature ~
We live in a complex, multi-dimensional reality, all causes and effects and the identifying of these objects is only the attachment to a set of values as a reflection of the society and the individual interpreting, diagnosing conditions. Each of us has the free will to make choices, to be or not to be part of the mass-conscious matrix intention.

The deeper dimension is of each of us being a soul or spirit or Cosmic energy and to being a drop in the Ocean of Consciousness ~This perception
is used as a theme in his book and the surreal vision of Sunny Jetsun continues to be free, to discover these other channels of experience. Each of
us from Human to animals to plants etc. are part of divine creation and we have the intelligence and heart to become fulfilled here now for the best of all.