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‘Sadhu Sadhu Sadhu ~ All Beings Be Happy, Shanti Shanti’
‘Trilogy Of Vibrations ~ The Oneness Of Life’
‘Each Fragment Of Life Is Sacred. These Are Your Children’
‘Young Women Spin On their doorsteps at dusk’
‘Life Is Simple, Sharing ~ Loving Kindness From The Heart’
‘The Universe Coming Across The River’
‘Pure Light, Cosmic Sweet Heart, We all got Stars Inside’
‘Perfect Love, No Mind Starlight ~ Come Alive’
‘True Freedom Natural Spirit Beauty here now gems of eternity’
‘driving my scooter through the asteroid field, Coming down over Venus, “Hallo Baba”
‘Light love Angels from Heaven. New Generation, Inspiration Revolution, Revelation,
All the colours of Cosmic Rainbows’
‘Green Eve * Don’t lose the Light Vortex * My brain’s gone on holiday ~ free flowing feelings’
‘Surfing or Suffering ~ together *
Sense Consciousness fields of a body with streams and stars of hearts’
‘When You’re happy you got wings on your back ~
            Reposez vos oreilles a Goa; We’re only one kiss away’
‘Streaming Lemon Topaz Sunbeams’
‘Invasion of Beauty *FLASH * The Love Mudras’
‘Patchouli Showers ~ Tantric Temples’
‘It’s Just a Story ~ We Are All The Sun ~ Sweet Surrender’
Sunny Jetsun Anthology #1 ~ ‘Enjoy The Revolution’
Sunny Jetsun Anthology #2 ~ ‘LOVE & FREEDOM ~ WELCOME’
‘He Lives In A Parallel Universe’
‘Queen of Space ~ King of Flower Power ~ Dripping Rainbows’
‘All Love Frequency ~ In Zero Space’