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Cosmic Politic Militaristic Economic Demonic Oligarchic

This Anthology portrays the dark arts of politics. Since 9.11 Our World has plunged into an abyss of PsyOps with the BRAINWASHING of Humanity and destruction of Nature. Development of super intelligent computers and social networking is allowing us to enter blindly into a Psychopath-Matrix. Whistleblowers are criminalized for exposing the NWO criminality! Awareness of our INNER Spirit is Vital NOW

Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj
Before the mind – I am. ‘I am’ is not a thought in the mind;
the mind happens to me, I do not happen to the mind. And since
time and space are in the mind, I am beyond time and space,
eternal and omnipresent ~
‘Live by the sword, die by the sword, live in Love, die in Love’
These revelations shine a light on the inequality, plight and fight of humanity today as the World’s wealth is being hoarded and squandered by these decadent, despotic, sociopathic ‘people’ with NO Feelings, that be will stop at nothing to maintain their oligarchical powers, control positions, wealth and privileges. Whereas 3.5 billion people have not even the basics of water, food, shelter, security, to be allowed to survive on a Planet which is abundant and the Birth * Right of every LIVING ENTITY

You getting the Love?
The dark state is so far up its own arse of propaganda and paranoia that they have lost any sense of reality ~
being nature ~ Living in balance with humanity and with alternative dimensions, Universally. While 5G. AI. Virtual Reality simulation, destabilisation; Control and manipulation is happening, as it always did. Otherwise we cannot truly live life but will be as Slaves in mad Mind-Set, programmed games of Power, politics and economics; Neo-imperialism! These psychopaths are intent on destroying our Planet and turning society into a maximum fascist state aka Gestapo only for their own ego and profit. This Oligarchical insanity, using all the resources of the intelligence, military, scientific world is destroying all the human qualities that could make the Planet a better, happier place to live ~ They have no human feelings or empathy and so are capable of the most horrendous acts which we are all subject to. Inequalities now exist which imperil our very own existence and all other species, yet these megalomaniac criminals are allowed to continue through the conditioning of human ignorance and greed. Let us wake up from these lowest-level frequencies, hypnotised reality, from this delusional realm of Maya and become aware of our true self and let us cast out these demonic forces and raise LIFE * LIGHT up to a higher DHAMMIC vibrational field in the infinite Space of LOVE
“If you bury children there’s something wrong in the world, totally wrong!”
‘When you murder any children, you are Psyche-insane’ ~ God