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*Peace Goddess*Spirit of the Field*The Intimacy Sutras*

Henry Miller’s autobiographical surrealism, Psychedelic, metaphysical, exotic creative inspirational;  Tom Robbins’ hyperimagination, streams of Consciousness* Myth, Zen, Tao, Buddhist, haiku poetry,    harmonious beauty of Rumi a master Sufi, sublime, romantic naturalism from Kahil Gibran, George Orwell’s Animal Farm, Pablo Neruda’s belief in the human Spirit all paint a ‘Real’ picture of ‘Life’

Sunny Jetsun’s ‘Peace Goddess*Spirit of the Field*The Intimacy Sutras’ is his feeling expressing the abstract elements within his own experience. A magical realism that he is sharing as another human being. It accompanies ‘Heavenly Bodies ~ Celestial Alignments *Feeling ~ Energy that Is LOVE in Itself’ Both written during an intense emotional period, a confusing ending of a ‘Love’ relationship.

“Je ne regrette rien” “I reget nothing” a deep, powerful mantra on how to proceed positively through life’s storms. Every person lives through these defining lessons enlightening us on our Cosmic journey even though we might not see it at the time! Buddhism explains how desire & addiction are the basis~ of our own suffering and we must become conscious of the Spiritual Space letting go of all attachment

Sunny’s style is of the child, conceptual artist, ecstatic lover, a surreal poet de-constructing literary ~ orthodoxy and judgment. He takes us into the dimensions of alchemy and mystery where the Universe takes us by the hand. He shows us how to laugh and cry and to even accept regrets when one is hurt. Through our human transmutation comes revelation ~ lights of love reappear to heal our open heart.