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Queen of Space ~ King of Flower Power ~ dripping Rainbows

A homage to the divine feminine, artist * muse love affair. The continuation of Sunny Jetsun’s stream of consciousness ~ with the inclusion of a new aspect of Poet*Muse inspiration. Petrarch* Laura, Dante * Beatrice, Dali * Gala, Picasso* Dora Maar and especially the Troubadour’s expansion of sublime sensuality. This relationship embodies spiritual and ideal romantic love. The mantra throughout this book is “The greatest pleasure is to give pleasure.” This mutual experience of Tantric, ecstatic consciousness is its supreme essence and is the vehicle for transcendence. “This book will make you wet.” It is better read with Intuitive feeling. It is the “New Kama Sutra” with equality for the feminine to express her deepest heart’s desires, not solely as the object of “her Lord’s power” and passion but in her own right. The final aspect is the one of consensual respect and trust coming from the allowance of being fully open to each other. History also shows the extreme disregard and abuse that women suffer being condoned within feudal, closed, patriarchal societies. These poems bring a new light to Love.