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Cosmic Empathic Magnetic Ecstatic Sputnik

Sunny is a mirror reflecting hopefully the TRUTH and shining a light on this Matrix which seems to be manipulating every facet of our Reality hologram, physical, mental and spiritual. Through our limited-thinking-Mind-smart-Programs we and our Planet are exploited by Power elites who have lost their human feelings. As we enter a NEW Paradigm let’s become Conscious of higher qualities of Life ~
‘Although not present in every New Age group a core belief within the New Age is in channeling. The idea that human beings, sometimes (although not always) in a state of trance, can act “as a channel of information from sources other than their normal selves”. These sources are varyingly described as being God, gods and goddesses, ascended masters, spirit guides, extra-terrestrials, angels, devas, historical figures, the collective unconscious, elementals, or nature spirits. Hanegraaff described channeling as a form of ‘articulated revelation’ and identified four forms: trance channeling, automatisms, clairaudient channeling, and open channeling.
Another recurring element of New Age is an emphasis on healing and alternative medicine. The general New Age ethos is that health is the natural state for the human being and that illness is a disruption of that natural balance. Hence, New Age therapies seek to heal ‘illness’ as a general concept that includes physical, mental, and spiritual aspects; in doing so it critiques mainstream Western medicine for simply attempting to cure disease, and thus has an affinity with most forms of traditional medicine. Its focus of self-spirituality has led to the emphasis of self-healing, although also present are ideas on healing both others and the Earth itself.
Hanegraaff developed a set of categories into which the forms of New Age healing could be roughly categorised. The first was the Human Potential Movement, which argues that contemporary Western society suppresses much human potential, and accordingly professes to offer a path through which individuals can access those parts of themselves that they have alienated and suppressed, thus enabling them to reach their full potential and live a meaningful life. Hanegraaff described transpersonal psychology as the ‘theoretical wing’ of this Human Potential Movement; in contrast to other schools of psychological thought, transpersonal psychology takes religious and mystical experiences seriously by exploring the uses of altered states of consciousness. Closely connected to this is the shamanic consciousness current, which argues that the shaman was a specialist in altered states of consciousness and seeks to adopt and imitate traditional shamanic techniques as a form of personal healing and growth’. >Wikipedia
How is it then that the world today is so unequal, full of ignorance, disease, violence, poverty at least as portrayed in the main-media. The statistics on the undemocratic Conglomerate Oligarchies are incredible yet people still exist in their enslaved state which is becoming ubiquitous due to advances in Artificial Intelligence and Virtual Reality. To the Cabal this is acceptable as an illusion for Political, economic, military dominance as perceived throughout history. Are humans so disconnected from their higher selves, life made unbearable for billions while the less than 1% accumulate evermore and destroy Earth in the process? Soon they will possess 2/3rds of the World’s wealth and today 2018, six men have the same wealth as 50% of the poorest humans on Earth (Oxfam), still doesn’t include the richest Rulers! Are they even human as their lack of empathy and feeling for their fellow beings and natural environment is diabolical, especially at Governmental and Corporation level, who see the Planet as one to profit and exploit. People are lost, confused, delusional and manipulated as seen in Edward Snowden’s inspired revelations of the NSA; top Governmental policies on illegal surveillance. Also there’s insiders such as Cambridge Analytica; on the full-scale manipulation of people’s thoughts and choices. Sunny is a reflection, a mirror of our innate feelings through channeling Truth; dhamma shining a light on this Surreality of hypnotised humanity today; through an open and loving heart. Caring is Sharing Love consciousness ~ being Aware of Finite Mind in Infinite Space.