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Ti Amo ~ Bhakti Shakti

 Time for a Change, a complete overhaul starting from the top, those responsible for making this total mess! This writing has gone from ‘Gone with the wind to 1984 from the Prophet to the Art of Psychological War’.This due to the circumstances existing at this time, during the Covid Pandemic in the Global, social medias and the agendas being set by the deep state, international corporations, politicians, the Intelligence agencies and secret forces working hand in hand with Oligarchic, Kleptocratic Plutocratic forces for Earth dominance. These events are impossible to escape and are the template for all intelligent enquiry from Spiritual, occult to the darkest forces and light forces existing in the Universe. There is a raging battle for the soul of our Planet ~The premise here is that all political powers have been taken over today and due to what has happened to the Planet over a time scale of the last 70 years (after WW11) we can see as Eisenhower saw that there are forces which act from the shadows without any accountability, have plundered the world and fully raped the nature That these world organizations have criminally failed humanity and all life ~ in fact it can be seen that they have been specifically acquired by these entities through funding, ‘national security’ corruption to fulfill the ambitions of these cartels, conglomerations, cabals to take power over every aspect of human life ~~All of these organizations with all the authority and money to make the world a better place have obviously ruined it. People’s lives have got worse, the Planet is under constant attack from these poisonous minds ~All Governments working together are acting in satanic ways either through war, financial imperialism,sanctions, exploitation of labour and land with no rights to the workers but increases in profits, control.This is all to clear yet we continue through propaganda and brainwashing tactics to doubt these truths.Oxfam’s figures on the inequality is clear, 6 people we know of have more wealth than the poorest 50%of Earth’s population. More and more indigenous people’s are losing their rights to their meagre land,instead they are to be exploited for their resources, to only benefit the corporations and their lobbyistswho are the politicians with the power in Government acting at their behest. This is nothing new we can see from history, N America, Australia, Africa, Asia how colonialism benefitted the rich.The 1%, the Royal families, the aristocrats, the Establishment, supported by the financial elite. These demons are the ones who created and developed slavery on a mass scale and made it legal.These forces are the same ones, their Forums, think tanks, foreign councils still encouraging this. Realise that this Establishment has not changed one thing, in fact they’ve made it infinitely worse,and yet we sit there and say ‘Yes Master what can we do for you’ as we lose our sacred right to life. Bill Gates is the biggest owner of agricultural land in the USA and has invested $100’s of millions in GMO’S, genetically modified organisms and now he wants to jab your children with unproven vaccines that he is not liable for and he has funded all of the organizations supporting this agenda.This book is a commentary on these events happening now and shining a light on those responsiblefor these actions and for those going back to the beginning of this era of technological innovation ~but instead of freeing people they have been used eg in surveillance with the help of legal magiciansto take away your sovereign rights so that you have become a debt slave to them without recourse.Maritime, Parliamentary legalese are meaningless as has been shown with this State of Emergency.