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Cosmic Shanti

Cosmic Shanti is a Collection of two sets of Artcards and poems. They are inspired by Love and Consciousness offering rays of light, magical surrealism and visions of humanity living in Peace and harmony with nature respecting all life on Planet Earth. As an Art installation they can be shared freely online throughout the world encouraging our friends and all people in caring is sharing happiness

A rhythm and an essence of this work is the one of insight, a perspective of human truth.
This understanding and awareness is expressed through artistic, creative, energetic form.
Through our intuition and allowance we are invited to share in this inspirational experience.

In Buddhist psychology the process of the changing mind is
manifested in two levels or streams. The subconscious stream
‘Bhavanga Citta’ and the Conscious stream ‘Vithi citta’
Each one merges into the other. The subconscious stream
Is the hidden repository of all the impressions and memories
of thoughts that pass through the conscious mind; All
experiences and tendencies are stored up there, but they
exert an influence over the conscious mind without it being
aware of the source of this influence. These two streams of
mind being conditioned by each other. The state of the active
conscious mind and awareness is generally present during
the day when one is awake. It is conscious of all impacts and
impressions continually received from outside, through the five
senses or of sensations received from within by way of ideas
or thoughts or recollections of former thoughts. When this
conscious stream which is constantly receiving sensation
from within or without subsides into inactivity, as for instance
during sleep, the other stream the subconscious (Bhavanga
Citta) manifests ~ flowing like an undisturbed stream so long
as the conscious stream does not arise to disturb it through the
sense channels. When awake every time an arisen thought of
the conscious mind subsides and before the next thought can
arise within that infinitesimally minute fraction of time, the
subconscious stream intervenes. Then when the next thought
of the conscious mind level arises the subconscious stream
subsides into inactivity. Since innumerable thoughts arise
and fall one after another during the day, so then are there
innumerable momentary interruptions to the flow of the
subconscious stream during the day. The subconscious is
referred to as a state of subliminal activity viz. an activity
that takes place below the threshold of the conscious mind,
an activity of which therefore there is no awareness on the
conscious mind. The conscious stream holds only one thought
or idea at a time whereas the subconscious stream holds
all the impressions of all the thoughts ideas and experiences
that enter and leave the conscious mind. This subconscious
life stream allows us to have a memory, conditioning our
thinking & action. The Bhavanga is the ‘bhava’(existence)
‘anga’ (factor).‘Bhavanga Citta’ is the indispensable factor
or basis of existence. The factor of life by means of which
the flow of existence or being is maintained without a break.
The continuing basis or undercurrent of life, the stream of
existence keeping life going. This stream of being is an
indispensable condition of individual life. It is comparable
to the current of a river when it flows calmly on, unhindered
by any obstacle, and when that current is opposed by any
thought from the world within or perturbed by tributary
streams of the senses from the world without then thoughts
in the conscious mind stream arise. There is a juxtaposition
of momentary states of consciousness subliminal and supra ~
subliminal throughout a lifetime.

‘Rebirth Explained’ by V. Gunaratna. Buddhist Publication Society, Kandy, Sri Lanka. 1980