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Covering the years 2013 to 2015 these five Sunny Jetsun books include:

Queen of Space ~ King of Flower Power ~ dripping Rainbows

A homage to the divine feminine, artist * muse love affair. The continuation of Sunny Jetsun’s stream of consciousness ~ with the inclusion of a new aspect of Poet*Muse inspiration. Petrarch* Laura, Dante * Beatrice, Dali * Gala, Picasso* Dora Maar and especially the Troubadour’s expansion of sublime sensuality. This relationship embodies spiritual and ideal romantic love. The mantra throughout this book is “The greatest pleasure is to give pleasure.” This mutual experience of Tantric, ecstatic consciousness is its supreme essence and is the vehicle for transcendence.

All Love ~ Frequency ~ In Zero Space

Sunny Jetsun writes a free flowing surreal and abstract inspirational verse inspired from conversations while living in Anjuna, Goa. He feels the spirit of the 1960s hippies alternative lifestyle evolving through to a multi-dimensional perception of the spiritual cosmos. Freedom, awareness, meditation, free-love, sensuality all come together transcending into Zero Space.

*Peace Goddess*Spirit of the Field*The Intimacy Sutras*

Henry Miller’s autobiographical surrealism, Psychedelic, metaphysical, exotic creative inspirational;  Tom Robbins’ hyperimagination, streams of Consciousness* Myth, Zen, Tao, Buddhist, haiku poetry,    harmonious beauty of Rumi a master Sufi, sublime, romantic naturalism from Kahil Gibran, George Orwell’s Animal Farm, Pablo Neruda’s belief in the human Spirit all paint a ‘Real’ picture of ‘Life’

Heavenly Bodies ~ Celestial Alignments Feeling ~ Energy that is LOVE in Itself

The journey from experiencing blissful love, the deepest trust and respect ~ to having it taken away and given to another. Lessons in miscommunication, loss, despair and rejection. There is something deeper to be learned.

As Osho says, “It is not a question of being in Love with someone it’s about being Love.” Sunny Jetsun explores the movement from joy to pain to the depths of true love.

´I’ve been to Venus & back*These Are Real Feelings*Let the Universe Guide Your Heart*through Space´

The continuation of Sunny Jetsun’s original and creative stream of Consciousness ~ Beauty, Un/conditional Love, Mental-Form, Mind-movement, Magic, Conditioning; The Self Realisation and Awareness of Space, silence and stillness to sense more profoundly the essential energies existing in our Universe.