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Cosmic Naturalistic Harmonic Bhaktic

This Anthology is a selection of revised poems spanning forty years with many different styles reflecting the experiences Sunny was having. Travelling throughout the World especially California; India, becoming adept in its philosophies especially dhamma. Shining light on humanity and the psychedelic tao freedom of being on the hippy trail. It is light-hearted with touches of romance and beauty.

Nicola Tesla
‘If you want to find the secrets of the Universe ~
think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration’
Each fragment of Life is Sacred
These are Your Children ~
On the river ~
“a compatriot
“Thus, have I heard…
a still mind like still water
yields a still reflection ~
of what is before it”
Whatever the Moment, the Situation,
Where is the Appearance of Love ~
This anthology reflects an eclectic array of human experience, of the travels and loves of Sunny Jetsun, his inspiration over 40 years. Reading these poems is like walking through a garden full of exotic wild flowers, lotus ponds of Tao and haiku blossoms and through woods of trees, full of ancient wisdom and insight. The overall effect is of a surreal rainbow, full of the colours of magical-realism. It is to uplift the human spirit which we all share on Planet Earth. The Universe Coming Across the River ~
To be free in life, to many people is to have a choice, this choice presupposes a duality of cause and effect, which seems to be the basis of our Reality as it is lived today, and how it is defined in many philosophies. This writing, channelling is offering a sense of transformation and transcendence within our natural world. ‘The Mind is seen either as a terrible master or a wonderful slave’. The ego-mind is a set of limits, judgments identities~ which are determined by our thinking which is Finite. However, we have forgotten this and treat the mind as the Absolute arbiter which effects how we react to situations, and how in fact our conscious can be controlled by outside forces. Each individual mind has the subliminal, subconscious stream ‘the bhavanga’ which is in tune with Cosmic Space. Sunny hopes to share inspirational feelings as did Basho, Lao Tsu, Rumi and Kahil Gibran for example, which offer a simple beauty by which all of humanity can feel in tune with nature, which gives a higher sense of self, especially in these times of suffering for many. We have a choice and in the confusion of making a decision, Sunny invites you here, to take the happy path ~