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This book is arranged from ‘Surreal’ notes made from Inspirational conversations with friends during the 2007/08 winter season in Anjuna, Goa. “Thank you all”Om Shanti (Inspiration from ‘What the bleep ~ down the rabbit hole’ ‘Wild China’ ‘Vision of the Future’ ‘Time Machine’ BBC4)“Surrealism: noun, masculine: a form of psychic automatism, in which you attempt to express, in words, in writing, or in any other manner, the real processes of thought. A transcription of thoughts without any form of control by reasoning and without any reference to aesthetic or moral considerations”André Breton’s, ‘Surrealist Manifesto’ on ‘Uncontrolled’ art “Preached and practised an ‘instant’ approach to art and thought rejecting the conventional idea of enduring value”(Our Solar system 30,000 light years from the galactic centre Makes 1 full revolution around it in approx. 250 million years)