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Cosmic * Inside

Who could resist the beauties of supernatural Tahiti for the sociopathic cruelty of Authority?
These creative psychedelic journeys take you through wonderlands & offer you Inspiration.
A Pure mind is a happy mind, take a stroll through a poetic Cosmic garden of delights.
Follow in the steps of Shamans, travellers, artists, lovely beings with open hearts~
Free in beautiful here * now infinite space

“Give Peace a Chance”
‘The nature of illusion is, when you see through it, it disappears’ Mooji
This anthology contains the spirits of these many types of imagination.
All created with the best intention to share the metta, blessings of life ~
What does the rest have to do with anything; warmongering, exploiting,
controlling someone else, telling them exactly what they should do for you
And in the process starving them and keeping them lost in a Matrix field ~
“Civilisation is falling from me little by little. I am
beginning to think simply, to feel only very little hatred
for my neighbour ~ rather to Love him. All the joys ~
animal and human of a free life are mine. I have
escaped everything that is artificial, conventional,
customary. I am entering into the Truth, into nature.
Having the certitude of a succession of days like this
one, equally free and beautiful, peace descends on me.
I develop normally and no longer occupy myself
with useless vanities.” ‘Noa Noa’ Paul Gauguin.
Are there Dhamma forces that support us as we develop on the Path?
‘Certainly ~ visible as well as invisible ones. For example, people tend to associate with those of
similar interest, background and character. When we develop good qualities in us, we naturally
attract people who have such good qualities. When we come in contact with such good people,
naturally we get support from them. If we develop love, compassion and goodwill, we will get
tuned up with all beings, visible or invisible, that have these positive vibrations, and we will start
getting support from them. It’s like tuning a radio to receive waves of a certain meter band from
a distant broadcasting station. Similarly, we tune ourselves to vibrations of the type we generate;
and so we receive the benefit of those vibrations’.
S N. Goenka ~ (Vipassana Research Institute –