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Love Conscious * Free Spirit – Cosmic Art Book in Colour


A simple new concept, design of Interactive Art * Creative Poetry * Open Space  A new paradigm allowing Universal, energetic, essential SPACE-Force, as we are ~ (Beyond thought, spells, logic, ego, finite mind’s biased mental states, OUR MIND-CONTROL! Infinite SPACE becoming visible in its ‘emptiness’ not containing any manifestation, of words, ideas, projections, perceptions, interpretations, identities; all subconscious manipulation by Autocratic Powers.  But, our intrinsic, primal SPACE, stream of Consciousness, Spiritual, here, now; who we truly are, Yes! Inside, Space is left clear for you to feel an interactive response, inspirational, synchronistic, meditational ~ reacting intuitively not by pre-set-pre-conditioning; from your heart not the embedded behavioural program!  This silent, calm SPACE ALLOWS US to ENTER a DIMENSION BEYOND the DOMINATING 3D.  These are not just empty spaces because they have no writing but offer an opportunity to enter with your own  intuition into a shamanic state of Inner SPACE, existing omnipresently not letting the mind’s ego-expression  be the ultimate arbiter of your Cosmic being. Go beyond your-self where we identify fully with the FORMS. Here are poetic triggers, deep connections to politics, philosophy, the environment, slavery, ethics, LOVE ~ Transhumanism, Inequality, globalism, IN/humanity, REALITY-DUALITY-SINGULARITY-FREE ~ Instead of just following the propaganda, the brainwashing, FILLING OUR LIMITED MIND with stuff!  Use these Spaces to connect to your inner source of freedom from subject-object, be the divine observer, use  THE SPACE, VIBRATION, FREQUENCIES to discover your truth beyond the limits of your rationale. * Transcending your finite mind, meditating in your Space of Cosmic Infinity ‘Explore the transformative power of words and of metaphor juxtaposed to words,  that intellectually and habitually ensnare LIFE. Words (most) often separate and  compartmentalize life. yet the words in a poem can inspire a kind of wondering, an  awakening of the heart or widening of perspective. Immerse yourself in reading and  writing poems that have the potential to shed the skin of superficiality and invite insight’. Use this book to go beyond language’s normal limitations, offering something translucent’.  Inspired by J. Krishnamurti. * ‘One of the dysfunctional patterns of the mind is the assumption that the Now needs to be filled with something all the time. Yes, you have to do things, but see if you can also experience the spaciousness  of this moment, the inherent goodness of this moment, regardless of what it contains’.  Eckhart Tolle. *

The system is reading people’s minds, contradictory whims and desires from focus groups Is this New-Democracy giving people what they truly want; a new Hotpoint dish washer? People’s cravings are in charge, their greed is subconsciously provoked to consume, obey all! The base motives, not the higher principles of true equality, social, environmental protection being manifested, we have a Capitalist, competitive world of decadence and extreme poverty,  with 7,000 species on the edge of extinction, oceans of plastic out-weighting the fish ~  Continental forests and jungles are being destroyed by the minute and governments are madly selling off their natural resources for debt! Who gave them the right to do it Nestle? Indigenous people’s human rights are bulldozed over and any protest is met with police force! Social engineering now making the active citizenry into docile, passive, manipulated consumers! This is Heaven as determined by big corporations dictating to the world, based on psychological profiles and digital brainwashing, imbalances, and economic hitmen sent to conquer for tribute. ~ The primitive, emotional instincts assigned to humans by Freud are a reality that elite, governing classes are themselves adept at exploiting to the maximum to maintain their sense of entitlement and superiority. The oligarchs, autocrats, Magnates, despots, tyrants, kleptocrats, kings and religious’ compulsive-obsessives have taken control of all the wealth of the Planet in their God’s name with no consciousness or shame yet ~ blame the rest of us for our right of self-determination, of our innate freedoms and those of all living creatures. We can now see the monster in the sacrificial, living room, raping our children and killing the wife! They’ve  constructed a global fiefdom upheld by corruption and violence, collateral damage of a bombed city! Yet treat  us as sheep, entities to be drained of all life, and now replaced with implants creating their enhanced cyborgs!  ~ But there is another side to this Freudian view dominating us that is Vipassana. It accepts the duality of the  ego-centric, finite-mind, based on craving for what we want and aversion to what we don’t want. These two  triggers are maintained in the ever-changing sub-conscious energetic stream within the vibrational 3rd  dimension. However, with insight we can transcend this ‘ignorance’ ‘dukkha’ and become more aware  of our reality as we progress by observing equanimously our sensations and thereby transcend these base,  human needs as reactions in our minds which today are being created by a corporate psychology, which  is determining our existence and is accepted by those in control to maintain their addiction to power! This lighter side of ‘reality’ should be realised to allow humanity to overcome this negative perception  prevalent, and to elevate us to a new social consciousness where we are free and not enslaved to them. ~ There is Karma, the fruits of our actions, and there is ‘Dharma’ the Cosmic law of nature which is loving. We need a revolution of thought to overturn these monsters devouring our spirits and acting in despicable  self-interest, dominated by materialism and the ‘bottom line’, profiteering regardless of any consequences! Do you want to live in Loving kindness and empathy based on equality or the world today of destruction,  lies, corruption, alienation, isolation, despair, where six people have the wealth equal to the bottom half  of the world’s population, nearly four billion people, the list goes on and is promoted as the social model. ~ Freud’s theories of human nature are based on the scientific-mind’s reactions and not its transcendence ~ There is nothing Spiritual only the fear exploited by politics, religion and global corporatism’s propaganda. Vipassana teaches as other spiritual practices that the calming of the mind to be empty, silent and clear will  give us the insight to interpret mental and physical causes and effects from a Space of beingness, connected ~ to our shared, natural experience by observing the mind and letting the thoughts evaporate not predominate! We’ll then all share a Universal positive consciousness which thereby is transmuted from the 3rd dimension

As described throughout this book Political Culture as decreed by the western Powers today is dominated  by the philosophy and psychology of Imperial USA. From the ‘Century of the Self’ by Adam Curtis, it is hypothesised that this culture is based on the theories of Sigmund Freud and espoused by Edward Bernays his nephew through the Corporate, Political, Military, Educational, Financial establishments of the USA.  The conclusion being that the mass of people were innately savages, incapable of governing themselves and  therefore, needed a superior class to dictate the rules under the guise of Democracy. Global business with the help of Public relations and media aka Propaganda have taken over the Power to rule the world today using  higher technologies to form Authoritarian systems and laws to Control and coerce, exploit whole populations.  All the wealth of the Planet has been funnelled to this .1% cabal under this pretext of free market Capitalism. Results of extreme inequality and the destruction of our heritage and resources using martial forces are clear! However, this hypothesis is wrong in the sense that Buddha had also discovered 2500 years ago the full set of  Human sub-conscious dynamics and observed through vipassana meditation the full realisation of Dhamma. The highest manifestation of this is described in ‘The Four Sublime States’, by Nyanaponika Maha Thera ~ Describing, Metta-Loving Kindness, Karuna-Compassion, Mudita-Sympathetic Joy, Upekkha-Equanimity. The practice of life in the way described allows all human beings a path to develop their higher consciousness,  based on morality and their innate human qualities. A life of happiness, socialism, awareness, develops from  our intrinsic feelings resonating with all life on the Planet, instead of the negative, paranoid, sociopathic view which has been inculcated by these dark forces to create a Kleptocratic world of greed, corruption, disorder… enforced through injustice, unnatural technological, scientific subjugation, allowing for inhuman acts under wrong Freudian perceptions of Reality; it provides us now a true inspiration for Earth to live in happy unity

Sympathetic Joy ~ Muditā ‘Not only to compassion but also to joy with others, open your heart! Small, indeed, is the share of happiness and joy allowed to beings! Wherever a little happiness comes to them, then you may rejoice that at least one ray of joy has pierced through the darkness of their lives and dispelled the grey, gloomy mist that enwraps their hearts. Your life will gain in joy by sharing the happiness of others as if it were yours. Did you never observe how in moments of happiness men’s features change and become bright with joy? Did you never notice how joy rouses men to noble aspirations and deeds, exceeding their normal capacity? Did not such experience fill your own heart with joyful bliss? It is in your power to increase such experience of sympathetic joy, by producing happiness in others, by bringing them joy and solace. Let us teach real joy to men! Many have unlearned it. Life, though full of woe, holds also sources of happiness and joy, unknown to most. Let us teach people to seek and to find real joy within themselves and to rejoice with the joy to others! Let us teach them to unfold their joy to ever more sublime heights! Noble and sublime joy is not foreign to the teaching of the Enlightened One. Wrongly the Buddha’s teaching is sometimes considered to be a doctrine diffusing melancholy. Far from it: the Dhamma leads step by step to an ever purer and lovelier happiness. Noble and sublime joy is a helper on the path to the extinction of suffering. Not he who is depressed by grief, but one possessed of joy finds that serene calmness leading to a contemplative state of mind. And only a mind serene and collected is able to gain the liberating wisdom. The more sublime and noble the joy of others is, the more justified will be our own sympathetic joy. A cause for our joy with others is their noble life securing them happiness here and in lives hereafter. A still nobler cause for our joy with others is their faith in the Dhamma, their understanding of the Dhamma, their following the Dhamma. Let us give them the help of the Dhamma! Let us strive to become more and more able ourselves to render help! Sympathetic joy that is strength and gives strength this is the highest joy. And what is the highest manifestation of sympathetic joy? To show to the world the path leading to the end of suffering, the path pointed out, trodden, and realized to perfection by the Enlightened one’. ~ From, ‘The Four Sublime States’ Nyanaponika Maha Thera, BPS, Sri Lanka. *