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It’s Just a Story ~ We are All the Sun ~ Sweet Surrender

Sahaja meaning coemergent; spontaneously or naturally born together. Described as ‘the last achievement of all thought & a recognition of the identity of spirit & matter, subject & object’ continuing. There is then no sacred or profane, spiritual or sensual, but everything that lives is pure & void. Sunny Jetsun’s zazen, surreal poetry takes us on a psychedelic journey through this Magic landscape

Wu wei: (English, lit. non-doing)

‘Is an important concept in Taoism that literally means non-action or non-doing. In the Tao Te Ching, Lao Tzu explains that beings (or phenomena) that are wholly in harmony with the Tao behave in a completely natural, uncontrived way. The goal of spiritual practice for the human being is, according to Lao Tzu, the attainment of this purely natural way of behaving, as when the planets revolve around the sun. The planets effortlessly do this revolving without any sort of control, force, or attempt to revolve themselves, instead engaging in effortless and spontaneous movement.’ Here is Sunny Jetsun’s magical realism, poetical vision reflecting this Cosmic vibe.