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“Enjoy the Revolution”

“Enjoy the Revolution” is an Anthology from Sunny Jetsun comprising a selection of his favourite poems from his first twenty books. The first six books, from 1975 to about 2003, cover a lot of world travel, Love, spiritual insight and personal experience. They are inspired, as always, by a sense of meditation, the wonder of life and natural magic of planet Earth. The next three books are based on the idea that there is nothing positive for human society in Propaganda and goes on to explain why and who profits from it and its effect. Those books were originally written under the pseudonyms Ciel Rose and Sunny Revereva

From book ten, “Driving My Scooter Through the Asteroid Field” Sunny Jetsun comes into being and continues with this creative stream of consciousness. The subsequent books originate from surreal conversations with remarkable people he has met while living in Goa, which continues to hold the spirit of the 60’s hippy movement. They include tales of the overland trail through Europe, the Middle East, finally to the mysterious, enigmatic and exotic India. Sunny’s quest for enlightenment led to travelling all over India, Nepal and SE Asia which inspired a free spirited generation through the myths of Hinduism, and the philosophy of Buddhism, leading them to the alternative lifestyles, psychedelic drugs, sex, and rock & roll culture.

“Enjoy the Revolution” showcases a period of different styles, with a special sensitivity and awareness that colour his writing. This arrangement of his poems allows the reader to discover many dimensions and open their perception to new realities.