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Cosmic Artbooks Series B contains the next eleven books:

Cosmic Faeric Mystic Magique Pacifique

Poems of life’s journey flowing wonderfully also breaking the heart with loss and despair!
Truth from good past karmas, silently flows and cleanses the expectant Mind of pain.
Vipassana Meditation practised with a base of No Killing, No Stealing, No Sexual Misconduct,
No Lying and No Intoxication, gives Peace and harmony for a mind to live in clear Dhamma, leads to regeneration of one’s perfection

Cosmic Energetic Atomic Dynamic Poetique

Sunny’s original insight into nature’s Cosmic relationship to life on Earth and to humanity’s reactionary, mind-sets are reflected in his writings. His concern is shared by many, as in this arrangement of Chief Sealth’s letter of 1885 to President Pierce. It details the proposed purchase of the tribe’s land; its repercussions and lessons if any; we have learnt regarding our un/sub/conscious state!

Cosmic Empathic Magnetic Ecstatic Sputnik

Sunny is a mirror reflecting hopefully the TRUTH and shining a light on this Matrix which seems to be manipulating every facet of our Reality hologram, physical, mental and spiritual. Through our limited-thinking-Mind-smart-Programs we and our Planet are exploited by Power elites who have lost their human feelings. As we enter a NEW Paradigm let’s become Conscious of higher qualities of Life ~

Cosmic Intrinsic Noetic Esoteric Alchemic Psychonautic

‘Sunny explores our conceptual biases and susceptibility to external influences/Psy-ops; the chain of psychological influencing results in a closed down, inward spiralling, ever-reducing field of information, that shores up existing beliefs and countermands other identified ideas, in a cognitive syndrome called Epistemic Closure. Evidence challenging deeply held beliefs is dismissed as corrupted!’

Cosmic * Psyche * Delic * Hypnotic * Holistic * Exotic * Etheric * Music * Genetic * Artistic * Romantic * Angelic * Astronomic

We are a Spaceship with two streams of Consciousness, receiving vibrational energies at our sense-satellites
which are translated subliminally as each individual’s response. Energy is manipulated as described in
this book for Power and Control; the Matrix, not enlightenment for us all, alive naturally on Planet Earth.
Limited-Mind-thoughts dictate our 3rd dimensional view of our Cosmic Space ~

Cosmic Tantric Heart

It sounds like a telepathic fairy story *Reality of dream. Heirarchy, they know him as Mr. Top,
the invisible puppet-master, hidden-hand! Psychopaths, Lords of 3D-material, limited-
mind-body, filtering down Reapers! No infrastructure; CHAOS, time doesn’t matter, transcend
to Cosmic Space ~ “Everybody in the world should be able to eat a fruit salad!”
Every shade of green at the Rainbow Oasis ~

Cosmogenic Narcissistic Toxic Karmic Synchronistic Dharmic

Sunny’s Artbook is created as a mosaic * collage whereby pieces come spontaneously, magically together to make a uniquely original form in the tradition of meditational poetry. There is less I involved leaving intuition in the Universal Zen manifesting no-mind love-space. A clear lake gives less disturbance, more clarity allowing for a deeper view, reflections of inner nature ~ Cosmic vibrations

Love Conscious * Free Spirit – Cosmic Art Book in Colour

A simple new concept, design of Interactive Art * Creative Poetry * Open Space  A new paradigm allowing Universal, energetic, essential SPACE-Force, as we are ~ (Beyond thought, spells, logic, ego, finite mind’s biased mental states, OUR MIND-CONTROL! Infinite SPACE becoming visible in its ‘emptiness’ not containing any manifestation, of words, ideas, projections, perceptions, interpretations, identities; all subconscious manipulation by Autocratic Powers.

Cosmic Naturalistic

Reportage and commentary with a Poetic license, insight on current global events affecting mankind’ * Y/our Conscious Fulfillment during an Existential chaotic paradigm shift ~ Dancing Free as a Sufi They are only goblins and demons’ perceptions and actions in the lower realms of ignorance and cravings Basically delusions, massive, global distracting of us from OUR true self * SPIRIT * Please stop believing  brainwashing of fearfulness, propaganda which has been proven to be real and has disastrous consequences! We are being presented by these powers, elites that be, a duality of metaphysical psychical, esoteric challenges  to our humanity here now

Cosmic Harmonic

‘The most dangerous man in the room, is the one who speaks the truth’ ~ Aristotle

Internet at your fingertips ~ Instantaneously Infinite information available, choose Truth.  Do your own research, be a critical thinker ~ from what you know, your own experiences… instinct, intelligence, karma, feeling, self-awareness.

The Fantastic Trips of a Cosmic Angel

Context * Medicine * Compilation * Expressionism * Impressionism * Creation * Space
This book is created as literary collage, mosaic, multi-dimensional fractals, (online)-memes-
“an idea, behavior, or style that spreads by means of imitation from person to person within
culture and often carries symbolic meaning representing a particular phenomenon or theme”