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Cosmic Shamanic

What about a good trip?
A Catalyst can point you to your Divine Self-Realisation, to your Illumination and Liberation? There’s more in this drop than they say or want you to know about Mind-controls and human power. Going Into other realms of Tao, synchronicity, meditation, natural transcendence of your Mind/Ego. This embraces and enhances your Cosmic reality with self awareness and consciousness.

New Classification of Drugs
‘The House of Commons Science and Technology Select Committee condemns the existing illegal drug classification system, and it should be scrapped. It proposes replacing it with a new scale, rating substances purely on the basis of health and social risks involved in taking them. Systems now don’t tell us how dangerous or not the drugs actually are. “The present approach owes more to Fear than to reason.” It would also make it more immune from cynical Political grandstanding. Britain’s antiquated drugs’ laws stand accused of failing millions of people because they bear little or no relationship to the harm caused by everything from a hit of heroin, to a seemingly harmless pint of lager. The Home Office has been advised by its own senior advisers that alcohol and tobacco are more harmful than the class A drugs of LSD and Ecstasy. “We need a radical overhaul of the current classifications which are riddled with anomalies and clearly not fit for purpose.” The report has been submitted to the Home Office which has failed to act on the conclusions’.
How to use LSD. to Open Universal Consciousness, Doors of Perception not obsessional, painful, addictive reactions? Be wise, drugs have a natural tradition for relieving pain and being Shamanic.

‘Turn On,Tune In, Drop Out’
The mantra of the 1960’s hippie, social, cultural revolution.
New Paradigms of Multidimensional Reality ~ Quantum, DNA; Meditation’s Cosmic inner space, the Matrix of my finite Mind, the Global village, permaculture, new sensitivity to a Lover, your child, to Mother nature exist. The use of Psycho-Active drugs creates awareness of holistic energies. LSD. a catalyst has been suppressed by autocratic Governments since the 1960’s, Why? Is this another conspiracy? The $ multi-billion War on a $ multi-billion illegal Drugs, Global Industry has failed. Dr Timothy Leary was judged the most dangerous man In America, Why? He showed Real Politic, controlling the Individual; people’s potential to become Consciously Aware and live together, sharing different values, perceptions. Finally, clarity on brain-washing, programming; what is happening to our human rights? Shamans have been guiding us into these Worlds of Spirit but the Authorities only demonize this activity. It’s Not for everyone, especially when Governments continue their Inquisition and Oppression of those who wish to go into these realms of discovery, to experience fully and Freely this Odyssey, discovering where/who they are, sacred relationships on this natural Planet. But these oligarchic forces continue their repression, criminal negativity, their Paranoia, creating the victims of the War On Drugs.
Can drugs be catalysts and point you to your Divine Self-Realisation, Illumination and Liberation?
There is more in these Psyche-drops than they say or want you to know about Mind-controlling and human power; transcending our illusory Mind/Ego and enhancing our Cosmic consciousness.
Altered states can lead to addiction, obsession, fear and ego craving of attachments which is also the Human Condition. Whether sex, drugs, rock and roll or this selfish Mind, being the dominating Dictator, it depends on You. You take Your Full Responsibility. You Open your own doors but do it Consciously, No Ego but Happily, Freely with the Full respect, confidence, grace and gratitude of a Spiritual quest; not Coercive Conditioning and Ego-manipulation. Be Non-Attached, keep your Inner prayer, mantra, in Your open, true heart. Be equanimous, Know, let it all go, flow in boundlessness
In 2018, 12 years after this research ironically the UK. Government still refuses to change even though Cannabis is fully legalised in 9 US. states & 29 states have medical use. Many countries around the World have now recognised the criminal propaganda and politicisation of drugs policy and have determined to fight for their human rights.
Independent 1/8/06, Sunny Jetsun 2018