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What is a Revolution?

Politics today is synonymous with power, fear, war, propaganda/psyops, murder, conspiracy, global devastation, neo-imperialism, religious intolerance, racism, terrorism, lies, betrayal, kleptocracy, oligarchy, pseudo democracy, fascism, media/control, toxic environment, poverty, surveillance, mistrust, paranoia, oppression, unconsciousness. Sunny wants to change this mindset to one of natural love

Politics for most people in the modern World is determined through Global Media Conglomerates. These can be counted on one hand. The Power they have is in determining our view and mass-conscious’ Reality. It’s beyond belief due to the revolution of personal computers, smart phone access, Social media and Artificial Intelligence platforms etc. It is obviously a Powerful tool of Governments, Global Corporations and other Institutions such as Financial, Church, ideological societies. In the past, innovations in technology, social, Industrial, scientific, medical, economic and Military capabilities determined humanity’s Advances. For example, discoveries of the Printing press, radio, TV. Google, fb, Microsoft, Atoms, Genetics, Quantum theory etc. determined civilisation’s progress. It is no coincidence that these organisations came to dominate the landscape of Power Politics. Owners of Information have joined in the Financial Elite dictating to the Planet what we should Know, respond to, live by, accept, pay, Obey! They work hand in hand with the Authorities whether they be Governments of all persuasions, religions, Military Industrial complexes or NWO. Deep state, secret cabals who are directing our lives and our natural environment. We only have to look around or listen to people to realise how this is going today. Conspiracies are rampant because these inequalities that exist have to be maintained as well as Capitalist, shareholders’ profits. This is a story going back as far as we are led to believe, to the beginning of time. It is one portrayed in religion and philosophies as the fight between good and evil, light and dark, weak and powerful, Empire and slaves. Duality as part of the human condition, take your pick! Entwined through this narrative is the one of Man’s and woman’s free will to be compassionate or egoist, sharing or greedy, Conscious or Unconscious. The chosen ones destined to determine how the weaker of the species survive or not! Politics is about the distribution of the slices of the metaphorical cake. Whether it’s the tribal chief who gets to distribute the spoils of the hunt, the king giving land and privileges to those showing allegiance, the Pope blessing his pious congregation and those supporting the Inquisition to maintain their Power and holy status against 99% of people who are basically slaves trying to survive. Or is it the hidden hand of the financial elites sitting on top of all the Gold, as research (Oxfam) shows as of 2016 eight people control half the wealth of the entire Planet. And that list doesn’t even include the Rothschild dynasty. Or the Sovereign Funds of Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Dubai etc. which probably control the other half. How did this imbalance arise and what are the obvious consequences? Forbes lists the rich 1%; and the Top bloodline families. Are the Kleptocrats and Plutocrats human (Human as sharing feelings between other life forms not sociopathic and predatory)? Investigate alternative forums not the fake news, spin, propaganda, Psy-Ops sites that add to our confusion, ultimate depression, repression and separation. ‘Divide and Conquer’ is their motto. Another paradigm of Mind-gaming, the Matrix hacking our brain, is to maintain the illusion of acceptance of the entitled status quo rather than contemplate change. People may be successful slaves or tortured slaves, be sub-human traffic, cannon fodder or collateral damage! The World is witnessing a destruction of living integrity. The Planet is under attack as never before and so are its species and biological systems that we all depend on. Who has taken over the control, surveillance of y/our soul. How much is your Spirit worth, in the name of which God? Ask the Bees, the near extinct tigers, ask those on the endangered list, who gave these self-possessed oligarchs, rights to determine the destiny of Pachamama? Is this the evolution of Insanity or humanity? What is a revolution without respect, trust, empathy and consciousness?