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The complete collection including poetry, anthologies and Cosmic Artbooks.

Perfect Love

Perfect Love ~ No Mind ~ Star Light * Come Alive

Yoga Is ‘No Ego’ in Practice, our divine destiny ~
In this context it is hoped to show the complete negative value of Propaganda, the reasons why it is used so fully and who it benefits and why. From the description of the Human Spirit it shows that Propaganda in fact isolates, alienates us from our own Self ~ Realisation and from the Consciousness that we are a part of this Cosmic energy; which is alive in everything, in the Natural Union ‘Yoga’ ~ of Life and reality. 

Pure Light ~ Cosmic Sweet Heart ~ We’ve All Got Stars Inside

To Chelsea Manning, Julian Assange and Edward Snowden,
and to all other Truth-sayers working on behalf of Humanity.
“A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step”
(Chinese: literally: “A journey of a thousand Chinese miles (li)
Starts beneath one’s feet”) Lao Tzu
Kleptocracy is a government with corrupt leaders that use their power
to exploit the people and natural resources of their own territory in
order to extend their personal wealth and political powers, this system
involves embezzlement of funds at the expense of the wider population

True Freedom ~ Natural Spiritual Beauty ~ Here * Now ~ Gems of Eternity

‘Lotus * the magic is in the mud!’
‘The light at the end of the tunnel is not
a delusion, your projection of the tunnel is’
‘To be free comes not from changing or fixing this world,
but from seeing this world as it is and opening the heart ~
in the midst of it’. Jiddu Krishnamurti. ~ being conscious.
“We fall in love for a smile, a look, a shoulder. That is enough;
then, in the long hours of hope or sorrow, we fabricate a person.”
Marcel Proust

Driving My Scooter ~ Through The Asteroid Field ~ Coming Down Over Venus ~ “Hallo Baba”

Life is in the heart of the beholder, beauty, love or war exists in the duality of our mind. Sunny’s book explores this dichotomy in terms of extra-sensory poetry, politics, imagination and humanity. The spectrum of mind-ego is seen as a limited program easily controlled or inspired by different stimuli. To give us Paradise or hell. Are you a Mind-controlled slave or a free spirit, being here now?

Light Love ~ Angels from Heaven ~ New Generation * Inspiration ~ Revolution ~ Revelation ~ All the Colors of Cosmic Rainbows

Sunny invites you to experience a Spring Festival’s Cosmic Visions.
Enter the natural wonders, realities of storms, vital dreamscapes,
psychedelic mandalas made from coloured Earth in air ~
Within a Sufi’s garden, enchanted by a Sorceress, his beautiful muse.
Wander by fertile, hidden mountain valleys, meet a Tao calligrapher
and Poet of Romantic haiku, living in a peach orchard, beside the river ~
Share in travellers’ creative passions and insights on the pink full moon.

Green Eve *Don’t Lose the Light Vortex* My Brain’s Gone on Holiday ~ Free Flowing Feelings

‘In Lake’ch: Is Mayan for ‘I am another yourself’ A powerful concept embracing the notion that we are all connected through the energy and flow of the Universe * The galactic code of honour is to manifest and demonstrate harmony by whatever means possible. Always playing by the rules of harmony but at the same time respecting the local intelligence. J. Arguelles, The Mayan Factor

Surfing or Suffering ~ Together ~ Sense * Consciousness ~ Fields of a Body ~ With Streams and Stars of Hearts

Sunny Jetsun is openly channeling creative experience ~ conscious inspiration into art * sharing a human, compassionate expression from his heart. It’s a Universal offering in a magical style conveying an interpretation of life today. We live in a multi-dimensional reality, searching for Life as a Miracle, for directions through energetic holograms, sensing to be fulfilled as light-beings here now

“When You’re Happy ~ You Got Wings on Your Back ~ Reposez Vos Oreilles a Goa; We’re Only One Kiss Away”

Channeling is a natural way to be in alignment, connecting to know Spirit. Our mind moves out of the way and we watch it all take place with little interaction. It uses your intuition to form a relationship with Spirit. Channeled writing also called automatic writing is the process of inviting Spirit into your living creative space to guide you. It’s used in surreal art, psy-healing and meditation


This book is arranged from ‘Surreal’ notes made from Inspirational conversations with friends during the 2007/08 winter season in Anjuna, Goa.

Streaming Lemon Topaz Sunbeams

Here are Psychedelic*haikus as super colourful tropical fish ~ swimming in an hallucinatory Ocean. Crystal*Orbs reflecting Zen metaphors, Hindu myths, ironic, social and metaphysical insights entwined with travellers’ tales from beyond the Matrix fields. Space*scapes of the imagination, futuristic visions and alternative perceptions lighting sacred geometric ley lines to the stars.

Invasion of Beauty*Flash*The Love Mudras

The flower of Life, Metatron, fractals, crystal holograms, sacred geometry, cosmological* esoteric patterns ~ Sunny Jetsun is the honeybee*traveller on a voyage of discovery of life contemplation, pain, blissful ecstasy to be the inner point of Oneself. This book expresses poetry from his heart ~ A journey to the Centre of multi dimensional, naturally spiralling quantum Solar orbiting wheels of Cosmic OmniConsciousness. (Used by David Icke)

Patchouli Showers*Tantric Temples

A remastering of Poetic Creativity; Psychedelic*Magical realism* Abstraction. Art engaging all the senses in the moment ~ continuously in tune with its original spontaneous energetic flow empowering inspiration being here ~ now. Travelling outside normal, perceived boundaries of the Mind. Feeling subtle Intimacy it embraces the infinite changing narrative fundamental to this natural process of life.

It’s Just a Story ~ We are All the Sun ~ Sweet Surrender

Sahaja meaning coemergent; spontaneously or naturally born together. Described as ‘the last achievement of all thought & a recognition of the identity of spirit & matter, subject & object’ continuing. There is then no sacred or profane, spiritual or sensual, but everything that lives is pure & void. Sunny Jetsun’s zazen, surreal poetry takes us on a psychedelic journey through this Magic landscape

“Enjoy the Revolution”

“Enjoy the Revolution” is an Anthology from Sunny Jetsun comprising a selection of his favourite poems from his first twenty books. The first six books, from 1975 to about 2003, cover a lot of world travel, Love, spiritual insight and personal experience. They are inspired, as always, by a sense of meditation, the wonder of life and natural magic of planet Earth. The next three books are based on the idea that there is nothing positive for human society in Propaganda and goes on to explain why and who profits from it and its effect. Those books were originally written under the pseudonyms Ciel Rose and Sunny Revereva

Love & Freedom ~ Welcome

An anthology inspired by sexual fantasy, Instant Karma, DNA dream*times, Quantum mysticism, Love visualisation, brain*chemistry*surrender, all inclusive human*nature, on a poetic ~ transcendental journey through the Magical realism World of mesmerising, dualistic concepts of Ego Object*Mind*Space. Here is a surreal collection of Cosmic keys and psychedelic butterfly rainbows floating in the breeze.

He Lives in a Parallel Universe

The Primary sub*atomic*‘Kalapas’ ~ wavelets arising passing away arising ~ shows the Illusion of Permanence of the ‘I’. When consciousness is perfectly still*inner silence, the ‘My Mind’ thinking hallucination becomes visible and is understood ~ ‘It Is As It Is’

Here is a free expression of this no thinking, non judgmental, beyond Mind Forms ~ intuition allowing for all aspects of reality together as a multi*dimensional flow of feeling. ‘Anicca’ is non-attachment to Self and therefore the release from Ego states of Identity. This naming, labelling and conditioning which as philosophers, physicists and shamans agree conspires to reduce Cosmic experience to an interpretation of Control and Form.

Queen of Space ~ King of Flower Power ~ dripping Rainbows

A homage to the divine feminine, artist * muse love affair. The continuation of Sunny Jetsun’s stream of consciousness ~ with the inclusion of a new aspect of Poet*Muse inspiration. Petrarch* Laura, Dante * Beatrice, Dali * Gala, Picasso* Dora Maar and especially the Troubadour’s expansion of sublime sensuality. This relationship embodies spiritual and ideal romantic love. The mantra throughout this book is “The greatest pleasure is to give pleasure.” This mutual experience of Tantric, ecstatic consciousness is its supreme essence and is the vehicle for transcendence.

All Love ~ Frequency ~ In Zero Space

Sunny Jetsun writes a free flowing surreal and abstract inspirational verse inspired from conversations while living in Anjuna, Goa. He feels the spirit of the 1960s hippies alternative lifestyle evolving through to a multi-dimensional perception of the spiritual cosmos. Freedom, awareness, meditation, free-love, sensuality all come together transcending into Zero Space.

*Peace Goddess*Spirit of the Field*The Intimacy Sutras*

Henry Miller’s autobiographical surrealism, Psychedelic, metaphysical, exotic creative inspirational;  Tom Robbins’ hyperimagination, streams of Consciousness* Myth, Zen, Tao, Buddhist, haiku poetry,    harmonious beauty of Rumi a master Sufi, sublime, romantic naturalism from Kahil Gibran, George Orwell’s Animal Farm, Pablo Neruda’s belief in the human Spirit all paint a ‘Real’ picture of ‘Life’

Heavenly Bodies ~ Celestial Alignments Feeling ~ Energy that is LOVE in Itself

The journey from experiencing blissful love, the deepest trust and respect ~ to having it taken away and given to another. Lessons in miscommunication, loss, despair and rejection. There is something deeper to be learned.

As Osho says, “It is not a question of being in Love with someone it’s about being Love.” Sunny Jetsun explores the movement from joy to pain to the depths of true love.

´I’ve been to Venus & back*These Are Real Feelings*Let the Universe Guide Your Heart*through Space´

The continuation of Sunny Jetsun’s original and creative stream of Consciousness ~ Beauty, Un/conditional Love, Mental-Form, Mind-movement, Magic, Conditioning; The Self Realisation and Awareness of Space, silence and stillness to sense more profoundly the essential energies existing in our Universe. 

The Kiss in Slaughterhouse 6

‘One word can cast a Magical spell, grammar going right under the radar, the subliminal tongue. Underestimating the Power of the word, of language creating your unique perception ~ Allowing it to manifest through your own filters acting in the brain’s time*space chemistry.

Cosmic Politic Militaristic Economic Demonic Oligarchic

This Anthology portrays the dark arts of politics. Since 9.11 Our World has plunged into an abyss of PsyOps with the BRAINWASHING of Humanity and destruction of Nature. Development of super intelligent computers and social networking is allowing us to enter blindly into a Psychopath-Matrix. Whistleblowers are criminalized for exposing the NWO criminality! Awareness of our INNER Spirit is Vital NOW

Cosmic Naturalistic Harmonic Bhaktic

This Anthology is a selection of revised poems spanning forty years with many different styles reflecting the experiences Sunny was having. Travelling throughout the World especially California; India, becoming adept in its philosophies especially dhamma. Shining light on humanity and the psychedelic tao freedom of being on the hippy trail. It is light-hearted with touches of romance and beauty.

Cosmic Idyllic Paradisic Euphoric

A collection of lyrical poems with elements of psychedelic colour, vital happiness, vivid exotic landscapes and surreal hallucinations, uncensored erotica where feelings of desire, passion and Love are openly expressed and shared with no fear. The greatest pleasure is giving pleasure is its mantra ~ having Consciousness to participate fully, freely in relationships as a human being with our Planet

Cosmic * Inside

Who could resist the beauties of supernatural Tahiti for the sociopathic cruelty of Authority?
These creative psychedelic journeys take you through wonderlands & offer you Inspiration.
A Pure mind is a happy mind, take a stroll through a poetic Cosmic garden of delights.
Follow in the steps of Shamans, travellers, artists, lovely beings with open hearts~
Free in beautiful here * now infinite space

Love Conscious * Free Spirit

A simple new concept, design of Interactive Art * Creative Poetry * Open Space  A new paradigm allowing Universal, energetic, essential SPACE-Force, as we are ~ (Beyond thought, spells, logic, ego, finite mind’s biased mental states, OUR MIND-CONTROL! Infinite SPACE becoming visible in its ‘emptiness’ not containing any manifestation, of words, ideas, projections, perceptions, interpretations, identities; all subconscious manipulation by Autocratic Powers. 

Consciousness ~ Love Space ~ Higher Frequency

This anthology travels through the spectrum of surreal poetry to political reportage. It explores many feelings over 50 years of experiencing life in ‘the world, our sense of place’. How our values, opportunities, dreamings, perceptions and living have been engaged, changed, how our vision of ourselves has evolved individually and as a global collective. The development of society, the manifestation, interpretation, inner relationship to the ‘matrix’ and the effects on Nature and other creatures inhabiting Planet Earth. The modern discoveries have given us new realities, opened up amazing possibilities, concepts of multi-dimensional energetic beingness ~ interrelated to Consciousness. 

Natural Flow ~ We All Get the Happiness

Dr. Martin Luther King Jnr.
“Every man must decide whether he will walk in the light of
creative altruism or in the darkness of destructive selfishness. ”
“Property is intended to serve life, and no matter how much we
surround it with rights and respect, it has no personal being.
It is part of the earth man walks on. It is not man.”
“I have decided to stick with love, hate is too great a burden to bear”
Julian Assange and friends, ‘keep fighting the lies and fear’.
‘In nature’s economy currency is not money it is life’ Vandana Shiva
‘Count your natural blessings not your greedy, exploited profit $$$’

Forked Tongues ~ Cognitive Dissonance ~ Stay True

Synergistic vibes of energy, mind, body, life ~

Recreating innovative thought, words, concepts,

ideas, perception, interpretations, commentaries,

samplings, dreams, vision, graffiti, illusion,

VRAI-DNA Reality, insight, intuition,

Nature, to find the balance of Love ~

Its metamorphosis into free style-reportage on

slavery, mind-control in the creation between

forces of light and dark revealing Truth

Ti Amo ~ Bhakti Shakti

Time for a Change, a complete overhaul starting from the top, those responsible for making this total mess!This writing has gone from ‘Gone with the wind to 1984 from the Prophet to the Art of Psychological War’.

The Devil’s Advocates Burning in the Cosmic Light


Sunny Jetsun’s Free Cosmic Artbooks – Series A

Love Republica

This is the first photobook in the Cosmic Artcard Collection. Sunny Jetsun’s poems accompanying his abstract expressive, psychedelic, digital, light designs. They need to be explored completely by looking longer into each one and letting them resonate with your intuition to feel their message The narrative throughout the series is one of freedom, Loving consciousness, holistic humanity with nature.

Cosmic Shanti

Cosmic Shanti is a Collection of two sets of Artcards and poems. They are inspired by Love and Consciousness offering rays of light, magical surrealism and visions of humanity living in Peace and harmony with nature respecting all life on Planet Earth. As an Art installation they can be shared freely online throughout the world encouraging our friends and all people in caring is sharing happiness

What is a Revolution?

Politics today is synonymous with power, fear, war, propaganda/psyops, murder, conspiracy, global devastation, neo-imperialism, religious intolerance, racism, terrorism, lies, betrayal, kleptocracy, oligarchy, pseudo democracy, fascism, media/control, toxic environment, poverty, surveillance, mistrust, paranoia, oppression, unconsciousness. Sunny wants to change this mindset to one of natural love.

Kama Sutra Tantra ~ Amusing the daughters of Venus ~ In a Garden of Delights

Sunny’s Kama Tantra, Surreal Erotic Art is seeing happy smiles on their
Relishing Pleasures together in the moment ~ ecstatic bliss on throbbing lips.
Freedom to enjoy or not multi*Orgasms especially when you see Love in their eyes.
Arousing sensual, sexual desires, being Love Consciousness
Do you feel it, realise the reality, alive here now ~
To respect & trust another being in your heart

Cosmic Oceanic

Sunny is sharing psychedelic * magical realism. The Cosmic Art collection offers positive thoughts which also have an effect on the essential stream of human Consciousness ~ The effects of words, images and music on water crystals are well researched by Dr Emoto.

Cosmic Shamanic

What about a good trip?
A Catalyst can point you to your Divine Self-Realisation, to your Illumination and Liberation? There’s more in this drop than they say or want you to know about Mind-controls and human power. Going Into other realms of Tao, synchronicity, meditation, natural transcendence of your Mind/Ego. This embraces and enhances your Cosmic reality with self awareness and consciousness.

Cosmic Organic Orgasmic

What does it mean to be an artist?
“The greatest mistake you make is in thinking that
enjoyment is something unearned, that if you know how
to play the fiddle, well it’s just the same as playing it.
As for the reward, you’re always confusing recognition with reward.
They’re two different things. Even if you don’t get paid for what you do,
you at least have the satisfaction of doing”

Sunny Jetsun’s Free Cosmic Artbooks – Series B

Cosmic Faeric Mystic Magique Pacifique

Poems of life’s journey flowing wonderfully also breaking the heart with loss and despair!
Truth from good past karmas, silently flows and cleanses the expectant Mind of pain.
Vipassana Meditation practised with a base of No Killing, No Stealing, No Sexual Misconduct,
No Lying and No Intoxication, gives Peace and harmony for a mind to live in clear Dhamma, leads to regeneration of one’s perfection

Cosmic Energetic Atomic Dynamic Poetique

Sunny’s original insight into nature’s Cosmic relationship to life on Earth and to humanity’s reactionary, mind-sets are reflected in his writings. His concern is shared by many, as in this arrangement of Chief Sealth’s letter of 1885 to President Pierce. It details the proposed purchase of the tribe’s land; its repercussions and lessons if any; we have learnt regarding our un/sub/conscious state!

Cosmic Empathic Magnetic Ecstatic Sputnik

Sunny is a mirror reflecting hopefully the TRUTH and shining a light on this Matrix which seems to be manipulating every facet of our Reality hologram, physical, mental and spiritual. Through our limited-thinking-Mind-smart-Programs we and our Planet are exploited by Power elites who have lost their human feelings. As we enter a NEW Paradigm let’s become Conscious of higher qualities of Life ~

Cosmic Intrinsic Noetic Esoteric Alchemic Psychonautic

‘Sunny explores our conceptual biases and susceptibility to external influences/Psy-ops; the chain of psychological influencing results in a closed down, inward spiralling, ever-reducing field of information, that shores up existing beliefs and countermands other identified ideas, in a cognitive syndrome called Epistemic Closure. Evidence challenging deeply held beliefs is dismissed as corrupted!’

Cosmic * Psyche * Delic * Hypnotic * Holistic * Exotic * Etheric * Music * Genetic * Artistic * Romantic * Angelic * Astronomic

We are a Spaceship with two streams of Consciousness, receiving vibrational energies at our sense-satellites
which are translated subliminally as each individual’s response. Energy is manipulated as described in
this book for Power and Control; the Matrix, not enlightenment for us all, alive naturally on Planet Earth.
Limited-Mind-thoughts dictate our 3rd dimensional view of our Cosmic Space ~

Cosmic Tantric Heart

It sounds like a telepathic fairy story *Reality of dream. Heirarchy, they know him as Mr. Top,
the invisible puppet-master, hidden-hand! Psychopaths, Lords of 3D-material, limited-
mind-body, filtering down Reapers! No infrastructure; CHAOS, time doesn’t matter, transcend
to Cosmic Space ~ “Everybody in the world should be able to eat a fruit salad!”
Every shade of green at the Rainbow Oasis ~

Cosmogenic Narcissistic Toxic Karmic Synchronistic Dharmic

Sunny’s Artbook is created as a mosaic * collage whereby pieces come spontaneously, magically together to make a uniquely original form in the tradition of meditational poetry. There is less I involved leaving intuition in the Universal Zen manifesting no-mind love-space. A clear lake gives less disturbance, more clarity allowing for a deeper view, reflections of inner nature ~ Cosmic vibrations

Love Conscious * Free Spirit – Cosmic Art Book in Colour

A simple new concept, design of Interactive Art * Creative Poetry * Open Space  A new paradigm allowing Universal, energetic, essential SPACE-Force, as we are ~ (Beyond thought, spells, logic, ego, finite mind’s biased mental states, OUR MIND-CONTROL! Infinite SPACE becoming visible in its ‘emptiness’ not containing any manifestation, of words, ideas, projections, perceptions, interpretations, identities; all subconscious manipulation by Autocratic Powers.

Cosmic Naturalistic

Reportage and commentary with a Poetic license, insight on current global events affecting mankind’ * Y/our Conscious Fulfillment during an Existential chaotic paradigm shift ~ Dancing Free as a Sufi They are only goblins and demons’ perceptions and actions in the lower realms of ignorance and cravings Basically delusions, massive, global distracting of us from OUR true self * SPIRIT * Please stop believing  brainwashing of fearfulness, propaganda which has been proven to be real and has disastrous consequences! We are being presented by these powers, elites that be, a duality of metaphysical psychical, esoteric challenges  to our humanity here now

Cosmic Harmonic

‘The most dangerous man in the room, is the one who speaks the truth’ ~ Aristotle

Internet at your fingertips ~ Instantaneously Infinite information available, choose Truth.  Do your own research, be a critical thinker ~ from what you know, your own experiences… instinct, intelligence, karma, feeling, self-awareness.

The Fantastic Trips of a Cosmic Angel

Context * Medicine * Compilation * Expressionism * Impressionism * Creation * Space
This book is created as literary collage, mosaic, multi-dimensional fractals, (online)-memes-
“an idea, behavior, or style that spreads by means of imitation from person to person within
culture and often carries symbolic meaning representing a particular phenomenon or theme”