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Patchouli Showers*Tantric Temples

A remastering of Poetic Creativity; Psychedelic*Magical realism* Abstraction. Art engaging all the senses in the moment ~ continuously in tune with its original spontaneous energetic flow empowering inspiration being here ~ now. Travelling outside normal, perceived boundaries of the Mind. Feeling subtle Intimacy it embraces the infinite changing narrative fundamental to this natural process of life.


The unknowable dark energy Cosmic Space from which the unmanifest becomes manifest; Unconcealed truth Unconditional Love is vibrating everywhere witnessing consciousness ~ SHIVA*SHAKTI Worlds continuously ever changing ~ collapsing into nothingness. Each particle through YOU * in you continuous in its original flow of NATURE. The Unknowable Divine creation principle is Alive everywhere in impermanence. Mind is being in tune ~ more concentrated, free of Attachment knowing existence; The Illusionary of a preconceived Permanent Ego*Mind duality! Observing subtler sensations*energies ~ continuously channeling the poetry of No Time*Space not of the limitation that names things and so negates all other experiences of Creation which is our birthright and so embeds us in the patterns of a Matrix of history, order and personality!