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Light Love ~ Angels from Heaven ~ New Generation * Inspiration ~ Revolution ~ Revelation ~ All the Colors of Cosmic Rainbows

Sunny invites you to experience a Spring Festival’s Cosmic Visions.
Enter the natural wonders, realities of storms, vital dreamscapes,
psychedelic mandalas made from coloured Earth in air ~
Within a Sufi’s garden, enchanted by a Sorceress, his beautiful muse.
Wander by fertile, hidden mountain valleys, meet a Tao calligrapher
and Poet of Romantic haiku, living in a peach orchard, beside the river ~
Share in travellers’ creative passions and insights on the pink full moon.
Journey to the fountains of Pain and meditate on Stars of Free Love.
Take a Magic Carpet trip to the reefs and shores in your Mind’s eye ~
Seeing inside, myriads of butterflies swooning with sunbirds and bees.
Find a rock, sit, relax and gaze into the hologram ~ being here now
Unconditional Love
Life within a tranquil, Zen garden full of pink cherry, blossom trees.
Makes you realise your own mortality, empathy, telepathy, destiny.
Heart going deeper in Love with a sociopathic, narcissistic lover,
I should have listened to my mother!
Infatuated sexuality filled with desire,
need, inside a burning, orgasmic fire ~
Lying in her arms feeling happy dreams.
Seduction and tender intimacies, trusting.
Coquette smiles say, she Loves to fuck you!
Profile of a Sociopath
A sociopath is likely to have been a ‘problem child’ and exhibited difficult behaviour when younger. As they
grow older they are likely to be highly successful which is a result of their willingness to get one over on their competition and colleagues, a desire and belief in success, and lack of risk aversion. Alternatively, a sociopath might be likely to live on the fringes of society having little interest in people. They could be eccentric and will most likely be independently wealthy. In other words, they will either conquer the system or avoid it entirely. They will of course have few close friends and are more likely to make contacts with those they can use, or those they see as equals and that they can admire. They will tend to be cold and manipulative in relationships and potentially emotionally abusive though this might not necessarily be purposefully vindictive. In all cases though the psychopath will appear highly intelligent, charming and charismatic to talk to and it is only careful guardedness that can uncover their true motivations.
Arranged from: Characteristics of a Sociopath by Stanley C. Loewen