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Cosmic Harmonic

‘The most dangerous man in the room, is the one who speaks the truth’ ~ Aristotle

Internet at your fingertips ~ Instantaneously Infinite information available, choose Truth.  Do your own research, be a critical thinker ~ from what you know, your own experiences… instinct, intelligence, karma, feeling, self-awareness. What is right or wrong, or being as it is, flowing now ~ Making right assessments of who is saying what and why? What is their motivation, intention, is there deception, why? Before it took a lot of time to discover facts in the local library. Did you believe what the press said reporting on the Government? An info-revolution in alternative media, wikileaks, MintPress News, Whitney Webb, Amazing Polly, David Icke, Last American vagabond. It’s a war of propaganda to control your mind, brainwashing the masses.  In this book you can search the links and investigate for your own conclusion. This is an innovation, independence, deciding what is the truth, be the witness. Become Liberated, free, based on the Upanishads, Bhagavad Gita, Vipassana ~ Think of the Universe in terms of energy, frequency~ Tesla, what became of him? The satipatthana Sutta, how much do you want to realise truth of this mind field  the Maya, the illusions, simulations you make your own cause and effect actions ~ what sort of reality, world, nature do you want to exist for your children to inherit? Here are my commentaries, dreams, insights, poetic license take it or leave it, be free Are these emotions real, does she really Love me, who is ‘me’ in her eyes, do we have eternal spirit, how do you know, what’s the WEF’s agenda for exploiting our Planet, why is there no protection for the bee yet $billions for mosquitos on Wi-Fi, us on 5G. Is the Earth flat, does it travel around the Sun, is GMO. of benefit; plastic or hemp, is cannabis as deadly as your government insisted, locking you up for a spliff or 2… in one of their private prisons, ‘Men’s Colony’. Now they’re selling it, making taxe$  and investing in a cure for all, just as the monster pharma companies with vaccines! Biopiracy, conspiracy theory, false flags such as the Vietnam war, killing millions, yet those genocidists never were even prosecuted not one only the whistleblower was. You can’t make it up it’s so corrupt, greedy, evil, faked, inhuman, diabolical, lying. Do you really exist or is it trans-humanist simulation and who cares about Nature? In this book are many perceptions, interpretations, contexts of different situations… What’s the bottom line? Is it good for you does it benefit others & your environment? Offered freely from the heart, for no control, power just equality, love consciousness ~ Look around, open your eyes, see the results, the inequality and destruction of Earth. Make your own minds up, feel some empathy in your hearts not fear and insecurity’ You are a sovereign being you have rights but you have to protect them or others who want to make you their slave, legally and your wife and children’s children to make them oligarchs, commanding, ordering, ruling your life, all the innocent species, will. Obviously Sociopathic, look at history and what these cabals of global corporations  have in mind for us; Fascism, surveillance 24/7, social engineering, robotic-culture. Look at the links, Oxfam, wikileaks, independent media etc. wake up from the spell. This k0v1d gene therapy experiment, the mRNA-lockdown, separation of humanity Time to correct the balance for Nature, lessen Artificial Intelligence, Virtual reality. It’s all delusion but our environment is our Sacred CONSCIOUS GIFT of LIFE ~ You accept you’re an Android-machine who allowed the Oligarchs to hack into your  Sub-conscious stream of intelligence, or you believe in live Spirit resonating with Love.


David Attenborough

“I think sometimes we need to take a step back and just remember  we have no greater right to be here than any other animal” There’s not one animal mentioned, or tree, not a butterfly, insect,  bird or a bee, neither fish or coral of the sea. (WEF keynote speech!)