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Love Republica

This is the first photobook in the Cosmic Artcard Collection. Sunny Jetsun’s poems accompanying his abstract expressive, psychedelic, digital, light designs. They need to be explored completely by looking longer into each one and letting them resonate with your intuition to feel their message The narrative throughout the series is one of freedom, Loving consciousness, holistic humanity with nature

Arrangement: ‘The Colossus of Maroussi’ Henry Miller
“She began to talk of her experiences in roaming about the world. When she talked about her wanderings she seemed to paint them: everything she described remained in my head like finished canvases by a master. We began by talking about China and the Chinese language which she had begun to study. Soon we were in North Africa, in the desert among peoples I had never heard of before. And then suddenly she was all alone, walking beside a river and the light was intense and I was following her as best I could in the blinding sun, but she got lost and I found myself wandering about in a strange land listening to a language I had never heard before. She is an artist of some sort because nobody has ever given me as she did the ambiance of a world of light such as I had never dreamed of and never hoped to see.” Sunny Jetsun’s Cosmic Artcard Collection hopes to take you on such a magical journey of self discovery * Om Shanti.