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The Kiss in Slaughterhouse 6

‘One word can cast a Magical spell, grammar going right under the radar, the subliminal tongue. Underestimating the Power of the word, of language creating your unique perception ~ Allowing it to manifest through your own filters acting in the brain’s time*space chemistry.

Who is manufacturing this consent, this mass conditioning, lies, identity to judge others, to judge Oneself? Brainwashing to form an ‘online encyclopedia’ of predetermined reactions and responses. ‘In the beginning was the word’, the ‘logos’ having an immediate effect on y/our/mass consciousness!

Seeing life as theatre, a show, going through the scenery with a Magician focusing on the ultimate illusion. It’s more than the Invisible man; the elephant is sitting in the middle of the room screaming and farting! ‘They’re aborigines, they’re wild’, is wrong. They’re FREE PEOPLE not conforming to y/our stereotypes. A different use of a word defining one’s understanding of the narrative, the official line, the surreal poem. Communication, Mr Shakespeare, “Yes we did go to the Moon.” “Anyone who says we didn’t is a crank!”

“You’re either with us or against us, a Terrorist!” Consequences ~ Yin0Yang harmony’s pool of existence. “I don’t need to read a book to tell me right from wrong.” All your illusions have been shattered; in the Matrix. The Power of TV; Subliminal advertising, Psy ops warfare on the public, in schools, at home, university. Everywhere we are directed by our Programming, our information of heaven and hell and all in between. “They’ll tell you anything this lot, it’s all lies!” You always hear about the enslaved not the Free Wo/man. “We’re all sort of connected in more ways than you can imagine, be open to the moment~ loving in the now”