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Here are the various Sunny Jetsun anthologies bringing together poems from different time periods often grouping themes. Anthologies include:


“Enjoy the Revolution”

“Enjoy the Revolution” is an Anthology from Sunny Jetsun comprising a selection of his favourite poems from his first twenty books. The first six books, from 1975 to about 2003, cover a lot of world travel, Love, spiritual insight and personal experience. They are inspired, as always, by a sense of meditation, the wonder of life and natural magic of planet Earth. The next three books are based on the idea that there is nothing positive for human society in Propaganda and goes on to explain why and who profits from it and its effect. Those books were originally written under the pseudonyms Ciel Rose and Sunny Revereva

Love & Freedom ~ Welcome

An anthology inspired by sexual fantasy, Instant Karma, DNA dream*times, Quantum mysticism, Love visualisation, brain*chemistry*surrender, all inclusive human*nature, on a poetic ~ transcendental journey through the Magical realism World of mesmerising, dualistic concepts of Ego Object*Mind*Space. Here is a surreal collection of Cosmic keys and psychedelic butterfly rainbows floating in the breeze.

Cosmic Politic Militaristic Economic Demonic Oligarchic

This Anthology portrays the dark arts of politics. Since 9.11 Our World has plunged into an abyss of PsyOps with the BRAINWASHING of Humanity and destruction of Nature. Development of super intelligent computers and social networking is allowing us to enter blindly into a Psychopath-Matrix. Whistleblowers are criminalized for exposing the NWO criminality! Awareness of our INNER Spirit is Vital NOW

Cosmic Naturalistic Harmonic Bhaktic

This Anthology is a selection of revised poems spanning forty years with many different styles reflecting the experiences Sunny was having. Travelling throughout the World especially California; India, becoming adept in its philosophies especially dhamma. Shining light on humanity and the psychedelic tao freedom of being on the hippy trail. It is light-hearted with touches of romance and beauty.

Cosmic Idyllic Paradisic Euphoric

A collection of lyrical poems with elements of psychedelic colour, vital happiness, vivid exotic landscapes and surreal hallucinations, uncensored erotica where feelings of desire, passion and Love are openly expressed and shared with no fear. The greatest pleasure is giving pleasure is its mantra ~ having Consciousness to participate fully, freely in relationships as a human being with our Planet

Cosmic * Inside

Who could resist the beauties of supernatural Tahiti for the sociopathic cruelty of Authority?
These creative psychedelic journeys take you through wonderlands & offer you Inspiration.
A Pure mind is a happy mind, take a stroll through a poetic Cosmic garden of delights.
Follow in the steps of Shamans, travellers, artists, lovely beings with open hearts~
Free in beautiful here * now infinite space

Consciousness ~ Love Space ~ Higher Frequency

This anthology travels through the spectrum of surreal poetry to political reportage. It explores many feelings over 50 years of experiencing life in ‘the world, our sense of place’. How our values, opportunities, dreamings, perceptions and living have been engaged, changed, how our vision of ourselves has evolved individually and as a global collective. The development of society, the manifestation, interpretation, inner relationship to the ‘matrix’ and the effects on Nature and other creatures inhabiting Planet Earth. The modern discoveries have given us new realities, opened up amazing possibilities, concepts of multi-dimensional energetic beingness ~ interrelated to Consciousness. 

Natural Flow ~ We All Get the Happiness

Dr. Martin Luther King Jnr.
“Every man must decide whether he will walk in the light of
creative altruism or in the darkness of destructive selfishness. ”
“Property is intended to serve life, and no matter how much we
surround it with rights and respect, it has no personal being.
It is part of the earth man walks on. It is not man.”
“I have decided to stick with love, hate is too great a burden to bear”
Julian Assange and friends, ‘keep fighting the lies and fear’.
‘In nature’s economy currency is not money it is life’ Vandana Shiva
‘Count your natural blessings not your greedy, exploited profit $$$’