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Cosmic Faeric Mystic Magique Pacifique

Poems of life’s journey flowing wonderfully also breaking the heart with loss and despair!
Truth from good past karmas, silently flows and cleanses the expectant Mind of pain.
Vipassana Meditation practised with a base of No Killing, No Stealing, No Sexual Misconduct,
No Lying and No Intoxication, gives Peace and harmony for a mind to live in clear Dhamma, leads to regeneration of one’s perfection

Sunny’s creative art, original writing is drawn from Vipassana’s insights in the philosophy of Theravada Buddhism. The impermanent nature of ‘human reality’. The awareness of the illusions, cravings, desires fantasies of attachments and dualistic reactions of the Ego – Id and the delusions of the finite limitations of the Mindbot, Mental-forms arising in infinite Space. Historically this process is used to control and manipulate people, their sub-conscious, emotions and the Planet for Power! Sunny shines a light on these dark-forces, systemic brain-washing and imbues it all with his transcendent, loving inspiration.

This interpretation as described in the ‘Doctrine of Originality’ keeps us distracted in the World of sense perceptions from which ignorance (dukkha) is manifested. His Tao, magical realism, unconventional, surreal, psychedelic, free ~ flowing poetic, empathic style is to highlight these obscure, hidden truths. He travels through the hallucinogenic, multi-dimensions of life, sharing consciousness and adventures, planting seeds and brings back from this sacred quest the fruit of his experiences and highlights the nature of human feelings, of ‘conditionality’; suffering, compassion, joyfulness, Loving kindness, revelations of Pachamama ~ Cosmic being * here now.
* *
And what, is the noble truth of suffering?
Dependent on ignorance arise volitional formations;
dependent on volitional formations, consciousness;
dependent on consciousness, mentality materiality
(mental and physical combination);
dependent on mentality materiality, the six fold base
(the five physical sense organs and consciousness as the sixth)
dependent on the six fold base, contact;
dependent on contact, feeling;
dependent on feeling, craving;
dependent on craving, clinging;
dependent on clinging, the process of becoming, (rebirth);
dependent on the process of becoming, ageing, death, sorrow,
lamentation, pain, grief and despair come to pass.
Thus does the whole mass of suffering (Dukkha) begin ~
The Cessation of the Wheel of Existence
Through the entire cessation of this ignorance,
Volitional formations cease.
Through the cessation of Volitional formations,
Rebirth consciousness ceases.
Through the cessation of Rebirth consciousness,
Mentality materiality ceases.
Through the cessation of Mentality materiality,
the six fold base ceases.
Through the cessation of the Six fold base, Contact ceases.
Through the cessation of Contact, Feeling ceases.
Through the cessation of Feeling, Craving ceases.
Through the cessation of Craving, Clinging ceases.
Through the cessation of Clinging, Becoming ceases.
Through the cessation of Becoming, Birth ceases.
Through the cessation of Birth ~
ageing, sorrow, pain, despair and death cease.
Thus Ceases this Whole Mass of Suffering
* *
Consciousness cannot exist independently of Matter,
Sensations, Perception and Mental Formations ~
What we call a ‘being’ or an ‘individual’ or ‘I’ is only
a combination of these five inter¬dependent Aggregates.
They are all Impermanent, constantly changing
Whatever is Impermanent is ‘dukkha’ (suffering).
They are in a flux of momentary arising and disappearing ~
One thing disappears, containing the appearance of the next,
in a series of Cause and Effect.
There is no Unchanging substance in them
* * *
The Five Aggregates
What Buddhist philosophy calls a ‘being’; or an ‘individual’ or ‘I’
is only a combination of ever ~ changing physical and mental forces or energies,
which may be divided into Five groups or aggregates (pancakkhandha).
The Buddha says these five aggregates of attachment are ‘dukkha’ (suffering).
There is no permanent, unchanging spirit which can be considered ‘Self’ or
‘Soul’ or ‘Ego’ as opposed to matter and that Consciousness (vinnana)
should not be taken as ‘Spirit’ in opposition to matter.
‘Consciousness’ arises out of conditions.
There is no arising of ‘Consciousness’
without conditions ~