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´I’ve been to Venus & back*These Are Real Feelings*Let the Universe Guide Your Heart*through Space´

The continuation of Sunny Jetsun’s original and creative stream of Consciousness ~ Beauty, Un/conditional Love, Mental-Form, Mind-movement, Magic, Conditioning; The Self Realisation and Awareness of Space, silence and stillness to sense more profoundly the essential energies existing in our Universe. The Frame of Thoughts being perceived as more Real than the intrinsic Space from which this Mind-illusion has evolved ~ Delving into this Matrix of human Ego and its myriad of consequences on life, nature, suffering, desire, wanting and loss! The battles existing in the World today how they appear and how we transcend them to find a deeper human, knowing, consciousness always Observing these delusions and standing in Universal*Truth. Spiritualism, Mysticism, Alchemy and Humanity are channels through which Sunny travels to illuminate inner reflections of being Alive. Follow Sunny in this exquisite, poetic psychedelic adventure of insight and wonder.This Earth, our Planet, Mother Cosmos is not all it appears to be ~ Space is Form*less because it’s not filled with Mind’s thoughts.‘Open the window and let the light shine through.’