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He Lives in a Parallel Universe

The Primary sub*atomic*‘Kalapas’ ~ wavelets arising passing away arising ~ shows the Illusion of Permanence of the ‘I’. When consciousness is perfectly still*inner silence, the ‘My Mind’ thinking hallucination becomes visible and is understood ~ ‘It Is As It Is’

Here is a free expression of this no thinking, non judgmental, beyond Mind Forms ~ intuition allowing for all aspects of reality together as a multi*dimensional flow of feeling. ‘Anicca’ is non-attachment to Self and therefore the release from Ego states of Identity. This naming, labelling and conditioning which as philosophers, physicists and shamans agree conspires to reduce Cosmic experience to an interpretation of Control and Form.

All is vibration ~ The Artist & the Art, the Creator & the Created, the dancer & the dance as one. There is no Time*Space in the synchronistic reflection of YOU. You are Universal Zero*Space. Buddhism’s Vipassana is a portal to realisation of this meditation, fractal, holographic, quantum awareness. All being has Spirit * One Consciousness one vibratory Tao force field. Sunny Jetsun’s stream of consciousness is poetic mirroring of this energy.