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Invasion of Beauty Articles

Pure E lucid ~ Earth * Energy * Ecstasy

Pure E lucid ~ Earth * Energy * Ecstasy Every cell is a Process of You Same Same ~ You are a Cell Of Mother Earth * Pachimama She’s Omni Cell of her Universe You’re a Universe in Yourself ~ Using Crystal energy * to put a thought process in it. Instant Email to...

In the eyes of a child

In the eyes of a child ‘If it’s Ugly it’s different Not Judge Mental ~ Eat that Soup; Looking for the plot! So out of Focus. Compassion of the 5th chakra’s expression Choosing the environment ~ In Love with a Super Voluptuous seductive (frequency). “I was falling down...

In The Heart

In The Heart Tears of Unconditional Love Being in the Oneness Of who you are ~

‘Maison de Jouir’

‘Maison de Jouir’ The King of Dolce Vita with a girl called Gita. Just like Krishna and Radha hand in hand ~ Adam with Eve making Love in crystal Sand Beneath an old apple tree, all for free Such a sweet distraction not infraction. In their Minds, such a beautiful...