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Balance and Beauty

Balance and Beauty

If you go with time ~
Picture coming
“The thoughts go faster than light”
Slowing it down
And You Manifest over your strong Mind
Doesn’t matter how you say it ~
You have to LIVE It
To get the ‘Reality’ of it
To Trust to Trust, for the deeper courage
For The Love
Thoughts are tools Keeping the Line, Attention on something.
Emotional breakdown ~ Mind for these Feelings; Your guide. Projection in the Light Energy
Play Back ~ Manifested

The more we go in, the more we go out ~ synergy effect
Transmuting in the Middle to balance ~ Where we want to go
Frequency will allow us to manifest the outer World.
Met a Magician of Realism ~ singing in a psychofractal desert
Allowing it to happen with violet coloured daughters of Sirius.
Doesn’t matter what you do but that you have ‘Free Choice ~
You are or You are not Enslaved.