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Warning Razor wire

Warning Razor wire

(DM) Daily Mail 28th March 2007
“Currently anyone arrested for a recordable offence in England
and Wales must give a DNA sample which remains on record even
if they are not charged or are acquitted”
Welcome to a Police State by stealth! Quite Obvious Now!
Where is the Justice, what is the Intention & result?
(DM.1I.Oct.08) 722,464 samples logged in year 2007.
IN 2008 3,600 genetic profiles a day, 80% are male.
Totaling about 5 million now; ~
According to National Police Improvement Agency (NPIA)
250,000 children are on the database yet Home office officials
admit that no action was taken against 40,000 of them,
whether in the form of a conviction, caution, or even warning’
A Home Office spokesman said
‘Those who are innocent have nothing to fear
from providing a sample’ Pull the other one!