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Streaming Lemon Topaz Sunbeams Articles

39 Known Moons

Let’s take the ‘Universal Program’ Intuition of a Cosmic dream Your ever changing energy fields ~ Multiorgasms making Sense  Conscious being(s) in tune with one another.  Time to be Aware He crashed his ship into a bridge! Sensor better than a Human! Negative bets,...

Natural Information

Natural Information Free making decisions ~ because I don’t make them anymore. Regeneration not degeneration ~ Visualising As it is! Micro organisms micro mutation micro Cosmologicals. Organic seeds Can't be Patented, for Profit, Thank God! Pharmaceutical Corps, bio...

Gharial on the brink

Gharial on the brink The extinction of another species ~ “Hi I’m Mental Mick a reformed alcoholic from Glasgow” ‘This energy also known as Vibration sending out Waves ~ High, Low ~ You Can project into the ecosystem. It will Manifest into ‘Reality’

‘Slavery of Faith’ (From New Age Magazine 17/11/08)

‘Slavery of Faith’ (From New Age Magazine 17/11/08) Creating poisons within hemispheres of the Mind ~ ‘Matrix Energies’ Integration, Intricacy, intimacy, try delicacy. Issues from tissues, relief from belief, Polarities from dualities Pathways to healing,...