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Intimacy Not Conspiracy

Intimacy Not Conspiracy

‘Slavery of Faith’ (From New Age Magazine 17/11/08)
Creating poisons within hemispheres of the Mind ~
‘Matrix Energies’ Integration, Intricacy, intimacy, try delicacy.
Issues from tissues, relief from belief, Polarities from dualities
Pathways to healing, transformation, rejuvenation, revelation
Subtle energies on multi quantum levels. Rotations of the heart
Light touches focusing intention, realigning chronic of Cosmic
Meeting Photons traveling back & forward spiraling in time ~
‘He no longer relates to the philosophy of healing & disease’
Shifting Polarities of the same phenomenon ~
Your part Is already healed (your full potential self).
“The expressive arts as the Portal for healing ~ emotionally
traumas held in your body. Do you want to let them go ~?
When given shape through the arts, these feelings can then be seen
outside a body and therefore become more approachable
Through Art they transcend harsh every day reality into ~
Creativity and play” “Safe places to create a network that gives
space & time for participants to realise & voice their true
feelings.“I saw Daddy feeding my little catfish pure Smack!”
“Healing found in walking through grief in a Conscious way
It’s life changing ~ then a new life can fully begin”