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To BE in Love to be the Love to Shine the Love light through you

To BE in Love to be the Love to Shine the Love light through you

Knowing the Contradictions
Giving the Allowance to others, Planetary vibe.
Ascension of the Electromagnetic field of Earth.
The Spirit will talk through us ~
Asking the Angels to intervene, guiding
through the Cosmic law for alignment.
Oneness on all the Levels.
“Young Afghans should have a peaceful future!”
Multi dimensional being present.
This Time Form
‘Yoga is discipline ~ Tantric is Integration’
Given the Crystals to spread out
Helping the process unfold ~
The Lineage of blue
The Knowingness ~ transmutation
Wisdom in the Heart
Computerised Red Crystals
Allowing ~ Your own judging Self (No God but Cosmic)
Universal alliance & alignment, orientation in the Recognition of It
You Are It ~ falling into it ~ being IT.
Reconnection, Imprint ~ how life manifests itself.
Seeds of life, waves of light ~ Reflections of Yourself ~
You Are Flower Patterns of life ~ unfolding Cosmic Creation
‘Growing Value’
The fracturing of Consumer Confidence.
Remembering ~ ‘The Memory’ ~ reconnecting holistic.
A seed growing into a Tree, flowers giving fruit ~
Language to Bridge the Mind.
We are One coming from One
‘Psycho geometry’ ~ blossoming in fields of rotating energies