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Inside us is Universal ~ We are free spirit

Inside us is Universal ~ We are free spirit

Rites of Spring
Keeping Junkies addicted to Oil
‘who killed the Electric car?’
Keeping TV Programming supplying you, your fix of Opium.
Taking over the Heart Chakra & connecting Universal Spirit
Everyone knows it but none acts on it.
A little Goodbye, see you next time ~
A good point, it’s not an illusion, deluded!
It’s energy being energetic ~ Vertically in time.
You don’t have to Condemn all, follow the Divine!
She wanted to be a free spirit, made it by herself.
Projecting ~ the more you can make the circle.
The glue of Love for the best of all.
Rhythm drumming on the land, put his mother in an asylum!
We reflect ourselves in the Archetypes we throw out ~
Eve has to become nouvelle Eve, a born again Sannyasin.
Take it to the Max, fill me up at the Eros Centre!
Those lovely Moscow molecules dancing in my space
On my face ~ reflections of a cheeky smile