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Hard Luck Cafe Babylon

Hard Luck Cafe Babylon

Rock & Soul in Babylon
Where’s Country Joe & his fish when you need them?
“What are we Looking For, What are they fighting For?”
“Gimme a P –E – A- C – E
In I -R-A- Q & an A- F- G – H – A- N- I- S- T- A –N”
You Despotic Empire, Next stop is I – R – A – N
need a change send in Captain Beefheart with the light Infantry
Calling up Major Tom, General Santana, Master Leonard,
Queen Joni, King Jimi playing the Global village anthem!
& it’s 1 2 3 4 what we livin for ~ next stop is Tehran!
Still don’t give a fuck, RPG’s. Exploding in Kirkut!
“Another speedy cat with wild eyes * groovy ~
& it’s 7 8 9 10 blown up the whole of Jerusalem!
Hallelujah, Feels like the Planet’s already dead.
Blackwaters putting a bullet in the back of her head!
Executed the family with a cluster of Phosphor bombs
Raped & Tortured all her invited wedding guests.
Collateral damage, Napalmed a lost generation.
Yeah come on dude, called it a ‘Disaster area’!
“Is there a human still in the house?”
“What are you on?”