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Panopticon are you living as a Slave?

Panopticon are you living as a Slave?

Met a friend called Boccacio in Sunny Goa
“Selfless Love pitted Against Licentious evil”
& Stories of the Men who made ‘The Bomb’
the Shocks that unhinged her Mind & Emotions
‘Lady Chatterley’s Lover’ available to ‘Free’ American
readers after 31 years of Suppression’ Think about that!
The Completed Unexpurgated edition delving into ~
to extract the meaning of their Revolt. That one too!’
‘Unbelievable Stories of Wrongdoing in High Places’
Illumination and Liberation of the demon of Conformity
Simple Life ~ the essence, many lost touch with it ~
Living a ‘trendy Lifestyle’ of Debt.. You got to go ~
You’re used as a Slave for Production to make Pay Off.
Realise what is True Happiness and be Happy with it…
‘Reality of the Bubble’,
It all comes down to being Free