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The Universe Coming Across The River Articles

‘Welcome No-Self Food’

‘Welcome No-Self Food’ Savouring ~ Do What You Can Getting It Together Dhamma anarchist. Was That day ~ the Beatitudes were given ~ Intuition of a next time Gift of Life “Can I give You anymore…” Ahimsa joy basically ~ happy to Share

Pablo Neruda:

Pablo Neruda: The great Chilean writer and poet of the Peoples’ struggle against Exploitation, Oppression and Fascism. A Noble Prize Winner. Certainly none of you were ‘Establishment’ poets and writers


BD. “Lady I couldn’t believe that After All those years you didn’t Know me better than that!” Come see, come far. Evening stars come out With the Sunsets “I’m sure you’ll be famous ~ by the time you’re dead!” King Cobra in a coconut grove swaying by the sea side....


ALIVE TO ALL SORTS OF NEW SENSATIONS brown bosoms ~ beautiful heavy long hair All Loved her Legends Caressing (little daughter) expression of infinite tenderness mosses & ferns true forest paths in a virgin land Scene of Pure Enchantment most lavish vegetation ~...