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Her Cowrie shell

Her Cowrie shell

Warm breeze, Mimosa
grasshoppers in the long grass,
a wreath of jasmine on her brow ~
bathing places,
coolness and nudity ~
Notions of Right & Wrong
An adorable creature ~
Sunset golden glow, scent of raspberries,
Sweet ~ the air was loaded
with tropical perfume
Smile of ‘Indifferent benevolence’
Smiling eyes, Freshness,
Incarnation of Magic
The Spell, a Secret,
Intangible ~
White Shores Conch Shell
Trumpets Love Affair
Really both passionately addicted
to day dreams
Music, fine fruit, running water,
Flowers, Little Children
pure voice alone by the sea ~~
Come to gather cowries
on the reef and pink coral
Nature’s Precious Gift