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Mastery of the Mind being tuned into the Cosmos

Mastery of the Mind being tuned into the Cosmos

Existed 180 million years ago ~
full brilliance ~ Connected to the Earth
to the dawn to the day to the dusk
to the night to the sky to the stars
to the sunlight to the child to you Oneness
Returning to forever ~ Natural way
Free will and Choice >>
from the human experience ~ Words
“We Love you & Support you
on the journey”
natural Child ~ birth natural
final Celebration
Happy Divine Oneness
Know >No fear Universe < Spiritual
Is not haphazard but Unfolding pattern
Faith >> no fear Know >>
naked in the rain
Don’t need things ~
Ignorance of possession
Natural Wealth ~
never taken for granted
You cannot kill something eternal
One cannot kill something eternal >
‘Anatta’ Freedom ~
Selfless no self ~ Spirit
Not the Mind ~ no ego no suffering
‘disengaging’ Your Self, Your Mind
One self my self the self ~
itself himself herself our self holy self
Idea of Self ~ Incessant ~ esteem
Oneself self hood selfness self opinion
self preservation self respect self same
self motion self sacrificing yourself ~
Again ~ self styled self trust self worship
self wrong self winding self will self torment
self sufficiency self betrayal self sown
self fertilization self satisfied self seeking ~
~ self reverence self restraint self respectful self reproach
self repression self reliant self regard self love self made
self important self imposed self educated self help self immolation
self indulgent self interest self involved self justification self profit
self mastery self knowledge self glorification self mortification
selfdom self elect self raised self conceited self absorbed
self consumed self hate self congratulations self abnegation
self obsessed
Self possessed Again