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Detained at her Majesty's Pleasure

Detained at her Majesty’s Pleasure

RIPPED It Off – by Corporate GB – Again &
Definitely A law unto themselves!
Analogise Analogous Corresponding to being similar,
same headlines, same source embedded.
cosy wedded, those they should be Investigating.
How convenient. Pertaining to or Implying.
Who Is best Anagrammist at the Ministry of Defence
We need A bulletin showing we nearly only lost
5 and they lost 500,000!
That was a good year
for Carpet Bombs Falling.
on Wedding feasts Reminder
congratulate the boys at procurement
Up shit creek again and again without a paddle
and so many of our young people were turned into cynical slobs and greedy yob;
Marvelous!! What happened?
In one of the richest societies, what went wrong
Minister of Subedugation?
We have the best results that we ever ever had,
that is your answer!
And we are very satisfied find no need for a Selective enquiry,
for once! Worrying that they could use it for their own ends
again and again..
Are there some Points of Resemblance?
The lure of more and More, we’re not going to allow the same
escapes Sorry Mistakes, again. Impressive, and sayings that:
Language use for Power Correction & Control.
Syntax, semantics, vocabulary and grammar, who wrote that
dictionary and that Concise History of the British Empire and its
Colonies? That Biography of Good ol’ Henry, the one who lost how
many wives to accidents in the kitchen!
Yes, correct there was a butcher in the Palace.
Known as the King who was a Psycho phant
“The Quean is Dead”! Lost her Only Head,
“Long Live The King”. Developing a Curse
And for The ‘Official’ Verse, of Court History
The long and the short of it, Her Memoiré ~
She was Certainly Criminal Malicious immoral,
Unstable, infertile & Worse. Beyond Any Doubt!
You are Commanded to drop that Cluster bomb
into her heart and Smart missiles into her eyes.
Take no notice of her Cries or tears for Mercy,
Pay no heed to the Brutality You’re here to obey
In the Name of Your Royal Tyrannical Majesty!
‘Yours is not to reason Why Yours is do and die’
Destroy those innocents chain yourself to a wall.
Absurdity, Absolutely, ‘The Bottom Line’ Duty!
Cutting to the Chase: Wham bam thanks Mam
Who Elicited the Truth for future generations
Human Civilisation.
Where are the Archives
of Tyrannies?
This is of the 21st Century,
G8 Feudal, Global Regimes,
Boards of Governors & Conveners
still allowing Public Executions
In the Name of Allied Holy Ayatollahs above
the law beyond any Humanity and you’ve all
been made to swallow it, grin and bear it!
Hallelujah! And now we wonder if our lovely Sweet child
is safe outside or Inside today!.
We have Culture of masochists, perverted minds.
Where could that Originate from Sire, any idea
In the name of our King and country
We Take! This land and all who reside in it to belong to us
divine right of our own genitalcidal tendencies

There are innumerable examples.
Are they on Status Quo BBC, Radio, Fox,
Voices of America
These are the Biggest Propagandists of them All
Or on those Chosen Media Channels
& special lobby groups which represent an Evil Beast.
“Tell it like it is”
There is something
We can do about it, for the sake of our children
and the future of Mother Earth!
Teach us, Loving kindness and Compassion
Try listening to Soul, the blues, acid jazz music.
Practicing Vipassana Meditation.
Can you say “I Love You” my precious darling.
Don’t be a Fool, be Inspired and cool.
We have Rhythm, a beating heart of Life*Life
It’s up to us to become conscious and to
Act on No more Torture for your brother,
no more hate for your sister.
No more BIG Mindless Games.
Don’t let them make you Insane But if they do
go with the spirit to guide you through the zoo ~
This experience to show you your sacred light
on the other side. Don’t be afraid, Mind made.
This is the deeper lesson of life even though it
appears from somewhere no one wants to know,
go with the truth, go with the flow, fall like snow
go with the sense that we are all part of it &
we’re all on different paths of boundlessness ~
in the same golden field even though the sky
can be a brilliant clear blue or full of murky dark clouds,
it will change, hold on, be strong, believe in your divine
Cosmic Consciousness ~

Which is your life,
You Alive ~ cosmic nature.
This Cloak and dagger stuff is all bullshit,
These Implanted suspicions are perverse,
this paranoia, guilt and fear adverse.
This alienation and enmity of retaliation
racism and isolation is a horrible reverse.
It’s Impressive how some people have lost
it and gone over to the plane of pain
struggling for More Power and greedy gain.
Well as Far as we know as far as I can see ~
the Cosmic Love horizon is possible to achieve.
Propaganda of professional Conmen and others
Feasibility studies, Public Relations, Human Resources,
are potentially fantastic but in the hands of incorrigible,
corrupt people they are only negative and falsehoods
with Pointers, markers, Signs, showing the wrong direction.
Hidden secrets, unveiled members of False prophets
leading us into Unjust wars by lies
only leads to mostly innocent wails and cries.
Where In Heaven is their Conscience?
When disconnected from the truth
they find all sorts of self – justifications
in the name of some High and mighty morale.
Look at the destruction ~
of so many different societies and Pause ~
Cause and effect Cause effect,
Cause We can alter this chain of cause Reflect for the good
by making Positive Actions
Realise this Wheel of grief. We need nothing,
No Propaganda but relief from Mad Understanding
This is the 21st century!
Put and end to the ploys and Organised decoys
only searching to subvert

We are a global village,
we are the inhabitants of the Planet Earth
sharing its Sacred Womb of life energies.
Wake up! Shake up! Make up! ~