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It’s Just a Story Articles

Very trained brain

Very trained brain “I like my vices, I embrace them!” A Police State - “It’s back to the illegal raves then!” “Since when has it been a crime to be a Suspect?” “Fuck the World, it’s comin’ to an end anytime soon” Short termism keeps us from wanting Revolution or even...

This Revolving Door

This Revolving Door LSD ~ Give it to the enemy! It came to my door! Put it in the water supply ~ I like happy crowds. Espousing psychedelic experience. Using your own brain

‘Sublime Picasso’

‘Sublime Picasso’ ‘Recorded the Carpet Bombing of a Spanish town in a work of Art’! ‘The Vatican’s complicity with Dictatorship’ Atrocity ~ “I need to take my dog for a walk to Basque country” Believing their own Paranoia….Is this Guernica? Expect a War on your...

Mr. Irresistible

Mr. Irresistible Never lived on her roof before ~ “You gotta gorgeous arse Eve” Needs some Shock Therapy Then I found an Apsara ~ in the nude. The Asteroid Belt in her head