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She ran out of Mercy ~ drained the tank

She ran out of Mercy ~ drained the tank

‘Sublime Picasso’
‘Recorded the Carpet Bombing
of a Spanish town in a work of Art’!
‘The Vatican’s complicity with Dictatorship’ Atrocity ~
“I need to take my dog for a walk to Basque country”
Believing their own Paranoia….Is this Guernica?
Expect a War on your doorsteps.
Tanks covered in blood; Stukas Attacking the factories!
His men Proven on the Battlefield
‘UXB’s’ ~ Unexploded Bombs, in your new kitchen!
“We ran out of ammunition in the end!”
Shell Shock! ‘The rampaging Holy Inquisition’
“They were Very Cruel, Really Cruel!” Totally without Mercy!
Ask the Mind, Who We Are, who I Am, what have I/we done?

What are we doing together here & now, in each others arms?