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freq of nature ~ we're always looking for What is ~ instead of feeling it

freq of nature ~ we’re always looking for What is ~ instead of feeling it

Love energy ~ Split
Having quiet time with your woman. A girl with an Italian chillum!
Her energized crystal dildos, many different ways to communicate.
She took another stream ~ dreamt a different dream.
Had to let her go ~ lovely to meet you, what do we know?
Seducing You, falling into MDMA. infatuation’s big violet eyes.
You Weren’t FEELING It, Are You BEGINNING To Feel It?
From looking in the wrong direction ~ try a new Orientation.
He’s vulnerable too, she just kept feeding him with ecstatic drops.
Full set of sequences ~ sparkling, friendly, High, Open smile ~
Sorted it out in my heart & head. I wasn’t listening to what she said
Barking up the wrong tree! Rejection, Instant dismissal, felt release
Mate how do I still go Happy with the flow, tangoed with our Ego?
It’s her allowance as a free spirit