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Heavenly Bodies ~ Celestial Alignments Articles


DIVINE LOVE 'To see the ONE in all you see' “Who wants Heaven on Earth?” Dazzling green stars in her oniric eyes twinkling in cascading, luscious hair. “I am the dreamer you are the dream” LIFE* LOVE* LIGHT* SPACE

A Magical Job

A Magical Job It gives you something back ~ Doing it with all of your heart. Full of Love ~ fall in Love and magnetic devotion. Raising our vibrations ~ In tune with her Venus' full moon. Anjuna freaks, Arambol hippies, Yoni-Yoginis, slips of the tongue. “It's very...

Wars All Over CODEX Planet

Wars All Over CODEX Planet. The 'I Am' Discourses, Cosmic Awareness, all about the Love ~ Say like myself our Love is bigger than that because we are that. And our human experiences opened up y/our Heart Chakra. Now you've let it go ~ The Universe only knows Beauty....

Planet Shukra

Planet Shukra Hey next time you're in England visit the 'AntiChrist' Everything you read in a Hamburg magazine come true! Bunnies on Tap at the Sihanoukville’s Happy End House. “You don't force your imagination onto anyone” Hardcore ~ “I'm dying for a chillum and a...