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 In India if you don't own a necklace shows you're not Loved.

In India if you don’t own a necklace shows you’re not Loved.

I was laughing with the Universe
At this age I think these things are funny. Devastated ~
I’m not taking you that seriously! I had to break my heart!
So much commitment; No it is what it is, on the hard-drive.
Let’s hope it works, it does, have to allow yourself it.
When I’ve worked out I got a ‘Wobbly Bob’ on because
It’s all perfection ~ it’s all perfection.
Each time we have Angst it’s because of our hard-drive. So I
don’t have Angst anymore; I won’t like you for taking me there!
Having a bit of wisdom by stepping away, now deal with
the feelings of stepping away! Bring them on, thinking of
‘What the bleep’ ~ then I can rewire the brain, fully conscious,
of what we’ve taken in, what we haven’t realised of the fact
that that is happening. We’re Not told to be Aware, coming
from a World of doing, doing, doing ~ If you’re not doing,
you’re doing Nothing! This relationship has become Toxic.
Don’t know about quiet, still, calm Meditation.
Trying to communicate what they’ll understand.
How we are aware of it is the key. He likes his bubble!
Not seen you for a long time because you’ve been in nick.
‘Unlucky in Love ~ what did you do to make that Love?
“In India if you don’t own a necklace shows you’re not Loved!”
Well I Am Loved! The Love is alive inside all of us ~ be together.
It’s a sign of being Loved, Loved by Shiva, we’re Loved by all of it.
Give it a name or not ~ Space, a tree, the sea, the Sun, a Goddess,
Loved by all of it. We’re here, everything is here because of Love.
When that special person leaves your life falls apart. Still grieving.
Talkin’ the talk to yourself making ourselves weak with distraction.
Zips it automatically across the super fast ice, we’ve done it before.
It’s inside you, it’s not in Anjuna, Goa, it’s where you are, here now.
Going with the flow ~ being in that moment all together.